News"It just sucks": Oliver Pocher bursts his collar because...

"It just sucks": Oliver Pocher bursts his collar because of the tank discount

Created: 9/4/2022 11:53 am

The tank discount has not been valid since September. Motorists therefore have to dig much deeper into their pockets at the pump. Oliver Pocher filmed the price jump at the gas station at midnight.

Cologne – The tank discount has not been valid since the first of September. The relief measures taken by the government made fuel prices cheaper. On Thursday, a liter of diesel cost nine cents more than the day before, and an average of 2.17 euros was due when refuelling. This is evident from figures from the ADAC. The expensive prices also annoy Oliver Pocher (44), as he says on Instagram.

Oliver Pocher complains about expensive fuel on Instagram

Scolding seems to be Oliver Pocher’s favorite activity on Instagram. About other people or in general about changes that don’t suit him. In this case, however, it should hit a nerve, because reaching deeper into the wallet is probably an annoyance for every driver.

The comedian shared the price mast of a gas station via Instagram story, where the liter prices skyrocketed shortly after midnight, after the end of the subsidies. Diesel cost 2.23 euros, on the video the price suddenly rises to 2.40 euros, with the E10 it goes from 2.35 euros to 2.52 euros.

Oliver Pocher filmte um Mitternacht, wie die Preise an der Tankstelle in die Höhe schnellten.
Oliver Pocher filmed at midnight how the prices at the gas station skyrocketed. © Screenshots Instagram/Oliver Pocher

“It just sucks”: Oliver Pocher films the price change on the display board at midnight

Oliver Pocher writes: “It just sucks how oil companies turn the price screw at midnight after the tank discount has expired…” The 44-year-old also shares a post that reads sarcastically: “Let’s do it in the evening the gas and power companies gossip instead of paying the increase. It was also enough for the nursing staff!”

Rising prices at the pump

According to ADAC figures, there has been a significant increase in the price of petrol and diesel over the past few years. In 1950 one paid an average of 33.8 cents for a liter of diesel. In 2000 it was EUR 156.9, in 2009 EUR 107.7, in 2020 EUR 111.1, in 2021 EUR 138.5 and in 2022 it was only in August that the average was EUR 195.9.

Meanwhile, Oliver Pocher’s wife Amira Pocher just separated from one of her ugly youthful sins. She had a tattoo lasered out. Sources used :;; dpa

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