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It's about a 10 euro CD: World star Eric Clapton is suing a fan from Germany – and wins the lawsuit

A 55-year-old woman from Düsseldorf was charged by musician Eric Clapton. She had been sued by the Tears in Heaven singer over a 35 year old CD.

Düsseldorf – Gabriele P. sold a double CD of a concert recording by the musician Eric Clapton for 9.95 euros on eBay. The recording took place during a concert in 1987 – and, according to the Düsseldorf woman, was legally sold in a supermarket. After the death of her ex-husband, she found the CD when the household was liquidated and offered it for sale on the platform. But that didn’t suit the musician at all and took him to court.

Eric Clapton sues against Düsseldorf woman and wins trial: 55-year-old continues to sue

The trial ended in mid-December and Eric Clapton won. But the Düsseldorf woman does not want to let the whole thing sit on her and continues to sue the musician despite the high legal costs, as the Express reported. Last week, the district court ruled in the interim proceedings after the musician had brought an action for an injunction. Gabriele P. is therefore no longer allowed to offer the CD for sale – otherwise she could face a fine of up to 250,000 euros. Eric Clapton’s legal representatives had the auction stopped because they said it was an illegal recording. The 55-year-old was never aware of it.

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Eric Clapton is suing allegedly illegally recorded double CDs: litigation costs rise

But that doesn’t matter, the court emphasized. In this process, only the infringement counts in copyright law. Gabriele P. would like to continue to sue. If there is no decision, an expert has to clarify whether the recording of the Eric Clapton concert in America was really published without the authorization of the world star. Should the 55-year-old lose, legal and court costs could continue to rise. 3,400 euros have already been raised in the past few weeks.


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