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It's true! Mexicans make fewer phone calls. Do you know how many minutes on average?

Making calls is no longer the main function of cell phones. According to the “First Survey 2022, Users of Telecommunications Services”, carried out by the Federal Institute of Telecommunications (IFT) , the average number of minutes per month that Mexicans used to call in 2021 was 209 minutes .

Although this may seem like a high figure, Mexicans talk less on the phone, since it represents an annual decrease of 4.1%.

However, the growth of lines of this service continues to rise. In December 2021 alone, 125.9 million lines of mobile telephone service were registered, representing an increase of 2.9 million compared to the previous year.

This happens because although Mexicans no longer talk for so many minutes on the phone, what we do do is consume mobile data browsing the internet.

The amount of data users use

The same study reveals that the average monthly data used by Mexicans was 5.5 GB , representing an annual increase of 11%.

The National Survey on Availability and Use of Information Technologies in Households (ENDUTIH, 2021) revealed that 89.2% of users connected every day of the week and 10.8%, at least once a week. or less, with the smartphone being the main means of accessing the internet.

And although the ENDUTIH shows that the main reason for using the internet is “to communicate”, the preferred medium of Mexicans is instant messaging.

The smartphones preferred by Mexicans

The main variables of choice for Mexicans to purchase a smartphone are: price, storage capacity, processor, camera resolution and battery life, according to the Competitive Intelligence Unit (CIU).

64% of users in Mexico consider that the most important variable is the price, since on average, the cost per device is $4,328 pesos.

Given this, the leader in the smartphone market in Mexico in 2021 was Motorola, with a 29.4% market share. They are followed by Samsung with 27.5%, Xiaomi with 11.3%, Apple with 10.6% and the other promising manufacturer OPPO, already with 9.9% of the total.

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