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Jan Fedder: love secret revealed – Marion not his only flame

ARD star and metropolitan district commissioner Jan Fedder died on December 30, 2019. His wife Marion was not with him. She was probably not his only great love.

  • ARD actor Jan Fedder died in December 2019 in the Hanseatic city of Hamburg
  • He played policeman “Dirk Matthies” in the ARD program “Großstadtrevier”
  • But wife Marion from TV star Jan Fedder was not his only love

Hamburg * – Many tears were shed in the port city of Hamburg* when TV actor Jan Fedder* died in December 2019. At the funeral service*, not only a number of fans mourned, but also many prominent friends from the Großstadtrevier* actor about the loss of the Hamburg legend. His surviving wife Marion gave an emotional speech – which took the breath away of many present. But now it has been revealed that his beloved wife Marion was not the only love of the dead ARD star Jan Fedder.

Actor: Jan Fedder
Born: January 14, 1955, Hamburg
Died: December 30, 2019, Hamburg
buried: January 16, 2020, Ohlsdorf Cemetery, Hamburg
spouse: Marion Fedder (married 2000)
Siblings: Oliver Fedder

Jan Fedder (ARD): Mrs. Marion says goodbye to the “Großstadtrevier” star

A sight that the residents of Hamburg will probably remember for a long time: Dressed all in black with a blond updo, Marion Fedder walked with her head held high out of the Hamburg Michel, where the funeral service of the deceased “Großstadtrevier” actor took place.

Visibly trying to keep her composure, Jan Fedder’s widow looked past the numerous fans – her hand was held by Jörg Pawlik, the production manager of the ARD series “Großstadtrevier”. While a number of people in Hamburg mourned his death, one thing has now come to light: actor Jan Fedder foresaw his death. This is reported by *.

Jan Fedder (ARD): Widow Marion addresses touching words to her deceased husband

With moving words, his wife Marion said goodbye to her husband in Hamburg’s Michel: “My beloved Jan, this is the hardest walk I’ve ever had to take.” Jan Fedder would not only have been her family, husband and rock, but also her closest “We got married here at the Michel 20 years ago. It hurts me so much that I have to bury you here today,” said the surviving wife and assured that there would never be anyone like her beloved Jan.

Frau Marion von ARD-Schauspieler Jan Fedder war seine große Liebe, doch nicht die einzige.


ARD actor Jan Fedder’s wife Marion was his great love, but not the only one.

After all, his place in Marion’s heart would be forever filled with love and above all she wished her dead husband one thing: peace and sweet dreams at last. She hoped that ARD actor Jan Fedder would dream of all the beautiful things he had experienced. This emotional speech was greeted with thunderous applause at the funeral service. The current widow Marion was his great love – but by no means the only one. Almost half a year after the death of Jan Fedder, Marion was in love again and presented her new one to the whole world.

Jan Fedder (ARD): Emotional confession – dead “Großstadtrevier” star not only loved Mrs. Marion

Because in a previous interview with Jan Fedder he admitted: The love in his heart was not reserved exclusively for his wife Marion. The popular ARD actor worked for his cult series “Großstadtrevier” until his death. When asked in an interview in the past how long he still aspires to play there – the answer was easy for him: “Dirk Matthies” actor Jan Fedder compared his wife Marion with his acting work on the ARD show.

Because the 20 years with his wife Marion would have been an “infinite, deep, great love” – but that’s how he would have felt with the “big city district”, admitted Jan Fedder at the Hamburger Abendblatt . Ms Marion always had a huge place in his life, but eventually Jan Fedder became the cult figure of the “Großstadtrevier” and many fans will remember him as the rough policeman “Dirk Matthies”. What many did not know about the late TV star: actor Jan Fedder had a penchant for luxury. Jan Fedder not only leaves a large gap in the “Großstadtrevier” series, but also in “News from Büttenwarder”. Now an acting colleague spoke about the tragic loss. And a “big city district” secret was revealed, because Jan Fedder’s farewell gets an extra twist. A “Großstadtrevier” colleague and friend spoke about this extra shoot and remembered great moments with Jan Fedder. Jan Fedder’s biography will be published in April and the dead ARD star will give a deep insight into his private life.

Rubriklistenbild: © picture alliance/Christian Charisius/dpa/Angelika Warmuth/Montage

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