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Jerusalem: More than 300 injured in riots between Palestinians and Israeli police

Some 300 people – including 20 officers – have been injured in clashes between Palestinian protesters and Israeli police in Jerusalem since last Friday, according to health sources. This Sunday the riots have been repeated. An Israeli police spokesman has reported incidents and several arrests during Sunday morning at the symbolic Damascus Gate, one of the entrances to the Old City of Jerusalem. Palestinian protesters have thrown stones, bottles and firecrackers to the agents, according to the Police. The soldiers have responded with rubber balls, tear gas and stun grenades, according to Israeli press reports. Also in the afternoon, Israeli forces charged the Palestinians and there would be at least 120 wounded. Last weekend more than 90,000 Muslims gathered to pray in the area of the Al Aqsa Mosque, coinciding with the last weekend of the month. Muslim holy of Ramadan. This Saturday has been celebrated the Night of Destiny or Lailat al Qadr, which commemorates the delivery of the Koran to the Prophet Muhammad and Sunday is Jerusalem Day in Israel.The conflict began due to restrictions imposed on concentrations by the Israeli authorities due to to the pandemic despite the tradition of praying in those places established by the Muslim community. The impending court decision on the expulsion of Palestinian families in the Shaykh Kharra neighborhood has also contributed to the tension. This same Sunday, the Israeli Supreme Court announced the postponement of the decision on the appeal filed against the expulsion. Israeli functions, Benjamin Netanyahu, has championed religious freedom throughout Jerusalem and has warned that violence will not be tolerated.Netanyahu made these statements during a special Council of Ministers for Jerusalem Day, the anniversary of the capture of East Jerusalem by Israeli forces during the 1967 Six Day War, countries such as Turkey, Jordan, Bahrain, Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates they have already condemned excessive violence by the security forces. In particular, Jordan has sent a protest note to Israel calling the attempts to “forced eviction” of Palestinians in that city unacceptable. Aman has stressed that such actions violate international law and the basic principles of Jordan. Meanwhile, this Sunday night the Israeli army reported the launch of several projectiles from the Gaza Strip, controlled by the militias of the Islamist party Hamas, reports the Israeli press. to the city of Ashkelon. One of them has been intercepted by the Iron Dome system and the second has landed in an unpopulated open area.

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