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Joe Biden and his "Beast" before Queen's funeral with traffic jam problems: the colossus comes to a standstill in the city

Created: 09/20/2022, 12:35 p.m

Heads of state and royalty attend Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral service at Westminster Abbey. The US President receives an extra sausage – and thus causes a stir.

London – If you drive through the city by car, you often have to put up with longer waiting times. The supposedly most powerful man in the world has now experienced this on his way to the funeral service for the late Queen Elizabeth II in London.

Although the traffic in the English metropolis is particularly feared: US President Joe Biden, his wife Jill and what appears to be a column of 30 vehicles from the “Secret Service” dared to do this. While other kings and heads of state of the world were chauffeured to Westminster Abbey by shuttle bus to attend the ceremony for the late Queen of Great Britain (to the live ticker), the US President was said to be the only invited guest to receive an exception and was allowed to arrive personally in his own limousine .

Funeral of Queen Elizabeth II: US President with mega column through London

And this is how what was observed at the edge of the G7 summit in Elmau a few months ago came about: a huge security effort for the American President and a huge column (at that time even comprising 47 cars) which also caused a lack of understanding and a burden in Bavaria the infrastructure.

London is in the midst of the state funeral of King Charles III’s mother. in a state of emergency, we are talking about the largest security effort ever seen. Then there was the US President’s armored limousine (called “The Beast”), which even came to a halt in front of a café in the city center along with a mega column. Pictures are circulating online that show Biden and his wife in the back seat of the limousine, which is said to weigh up to nine tons (!) and is making its way to the funeral ceremony of the dead Queen Elizabeth II in rush hour traffic.

Queen Elizabeth II: heads of state with the bus to the funeral – but not Biden

Numerous passers-by attended the extraordinary spectacle, while other guests at the funeral service, such as French President Emmanuel Macron or Canadian Justin Trudeau, were chauffeured in a fleet of buses. A police escort in front of Biden struggled to clear the oncoming traffic, contrasting with images of the other prominent guests of state heading to Windsor Castle in buses.

To the admiration of many passers-by, the videos are mixed with mockery about the hesitant progress and the enormous additional effort for US President Joe Biden: At least the “POTUS” column was not faster, so he could have taken the bus. (PF)

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