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Johnson & Johnson: Too little protection against Delta – will a second vaccination be needed soon?

With Johnson & Johnson you are considered “vaccinated” after just one vaccination. The vaccine is now receiving criticism. It should offer less protection from Delta.

2.6 million people in Germany are vaccinated with the vector vaccine from Johnson & Johnson. Unlike Biontech, Moderna and AstraZeneca, you only need one dose with J&J. Two weeks after vaccination you are considered fully vaccinated. For the other vaccines, the Stiko recommends vaccinating the second dose after around 6 weeks. With the new Delta variant, however, there are now concerns about the one-time vaccination from J&J. Because: In Iceland, numerous J&J vaccinated people were infected again with the corona virus. Despite the high vaccination rate, the country is in the middle of the fourth wave. Around half of those affected were vaccinated with the J&J vaccine. The suspicion: Johnson & Johnson protects less strongly against the aggressive Delta variant than the vaccines of the other manufacturers. And it is not the first time that Johnson & Johnson has come under fire. * previously reported how many deaths were reported due to corona vaccinations in Germany *.

Why does J&J only have one necessary dose? This is justified with the fact that during the development Biontech, Moderna and Co. concentrated on double vaccinations. Johnson & Johnson rely on the fast variant, the single dose.

Single vaccination under fire: Johnson & Johnson is said to be less protective of Delta

During the ongoing studies, J&J had also experimented with two doses 56 days apart. However, the manufacturer came to the conclusion that the test subjects between 18 and 55 years of age had higher concentrations of neutralizing antibodies in their blood after the first dose. According to the manufacturer, severe courses of 77 to 85.5 percent, from days 14 and 28, could be prevented, reports . A second dose was then no longer necessary.

However, due to the current events in Iceland, it is now suspected that the single dose against the coronavirus is no longer sufficient. In particular, more aggressive mutants such as the Delta variant also reduce the protective effect of the vaccine. Experts now suspect that a booster vaccination will soon be necessary.

The manufacturer says at the beginning of July that the vaccine elicits a strong immune response even with the virus variant. A study is said to have shown this and a second vaccination would therefore not be necessary. “We believe that this vaccine does what it was designed to do, namely to prevent people from going to the hospital and dying and dying in the intensive care unit,” said Studies -Co-author Linda-Gail Bekker of the “New York Times”.

Will Johnson & Johnson vaccinated people soon need a booster vaccination?

Of the vaccinated people who were infected with the coronavirus, 96 percent had only mild symptoms. Serious courses or deaths occurred in 0.05 percent. Experts nevertheless believe that the effectiveness of the vaccine in terms of Delta. The single dose should also play an important role. “The data underline the importance of monitoring breakthrough infections that lead to severe Covid-19 and suggest the benefit of a second vaccination after Ad26.COV2.S to increase protection against the variants,” the scientists write. So the first booster vaccination with Biontech or Moderna could be necessary.

In an interview with “t-online”, the German virologist Ulf Dittmer even calls for the use of Johnson & Johnson to be prohibited. “With a single vaccination like the one at Johnson & Johnson, it is doubtful that sufficient, sustained protection is built up from antibodies and defense cells,” says the Leipzig immunologist Stephan Borte.

So far, booster vaccinations or vaccination boosters are not offered – but that could change soon *. * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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