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Jorge Rey, the 14-year-old boy who predicts the weather with an ancestral method, reveals what 2022 will be like

Have you ever heard of Jorge Rey? A young man of only 14 years old who is able to forecast the weather without using applications or satellites. Resident in Monasterio de Rodilla, a Burgos town with just 164 inhabitants, Jorge Rey is the boy of the time of Radio Espinosa Merindades .

To find out what the weather is going to do, use an ancestral method of the shepherds called ‘las cabañuelas’ . And the truth is that it works, since the young man predicted the storm Filomena at the beginning of the year, and already warns of possible snowfall at the end of 2021.

Jorge Rey began to be interested in the behavior of nature when he was 7 years old. According to himself, he could spend hours observing the flights of birds. And, is that, that is precisely the method of ‘las cabañuelas’, which has been used for centuries in central and southern Spain, and also in America .

His teacher was Rafa, the pastor of Monasterio de Rodilla. After a lifetime of observing nature, he explains some tricks to predict what the weather is going to do. For example, if on August 2 you lift a stone and it has water, it is because next spring there will be many rains .

Jorge Rey has become an expert in predicting the sky based on the behavior of nature , using the information provided by rocks or clouds. The young man has his own blog, in which he collects very detailed information about his forecasts.

What will the weather be in 2022?

Little by little 2021 is coming to an end, so we are all interested in knowing what the weather is going to do in 2022. Jorge Rey, the weather boy, has spent many hours analyzing the humidity of the stones, the evolution of the clouds and the flight of the birds during the month of August to predict it.

Everything indicates that the winter will be harsh, the spring rainy and the summer unstable . The month of January will start with some snowfall at medium-high levels. In March there will be spring temperatures and April will be a very rainy month.

Meanwhile, bad weather is expected in the fall . On the other hand, in November and December the temperatures will be stable.

As he assures ‘El Mundo’, the predictions he made last year were more than 98% correct , so the ‘las cabañuelas’ method is very reliable.