NewsJudith Rakers and the joy of their chickens

Judith Rakers and the joy of their chickens

Is it love The TV presenter is realistic. She knows why the poultry greets her so stormily when she comes home.

Berlin – The TV presenter Judith Rakers (45, “3 to 9”) keeps 13 chickens in her garden and is always greeted by them stormily.

“The chickens are always happy when I come home after work. They jump over any obstacle and race towards me at a gallop, ”said Rakers of the German Press Agency.

But she is not kidding herself, said the hobby farmer and book author who lives on the outskirts of Hamburg (“Home farming – self-sufficiency without a green thumb”, 2021). After all, the animals have a pragmatic motive: “Their joy is primarily due to the fact that they associate me with food. Because I bring you what’s left in the kitchen every day. “

Otherwise, the poultry are given grains that they can use at any time. For a new job, the TV woman had to have friends temporarily look after the chickens, her five cats and three horses, as well as her fruit and vegetable garden. Because Rakers is now also the permanent presenter of the WDR travel show “Wunderschön!”, Which has been running since 2008 and was created in cooperation with the NDR. Initially five contributions with her are planned.

On Sunday (August 20) at 8.15 p.m. it starts with “Beautiful! Danube journey – From Passau to Vienna ”. Reports on nature, culture and cuisine from northern Spain and Lake Maggiore (Italy) and – to be seen in 2022 – from Lüneburg Heath and Cornwall (Great Britain) will follow. dpa

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