NewsJudith Rakers was terrified of ghosts as a child

Judith Rakers was terrified of ghosts as a child

The TV presenter fondly remembers her vacation as a child on a pony farm. She only found it creepy when upside-down drinking glasses were attached to them to move.

Berlin – The “Tagesschau” spokeswoman Judith Rakers (45), as a little girl, often enjoyed vacationing on a pony farm. But she also remembers very scary experiences.

“We children naturally played the back of glasses. And then jumped into our bunk beds screaming when the glasses moved, ”said Rakers of the German Press Agency. Because with an upturned drinking glass and a circle of letters they would have tried to contact the souls of the dead.

Otherwise she was very happy on the rural property near her hometown Bad Lippspringe (North Rhine-Westphalia), explained the passionate rider and owner of three horses, who lives on the outskirts of Hamburg: “The woman who ran the farm was like for me a foster mother – a very strict one, however. And my single father used to visit me on Wednesdays and pay the ice cream bills. “

Nowadays, Rakers, who has moderated the NDR series of reports “Inselgeschichten” for years, undertakes longer trips both privately and professionally. Recently she has also been the permanent presenter of the WDR holiday program “Wunderschön!”, Which has been running since 2008 and is produced jointly with the NDR. Initially, five contributions are planned with her.

On Sunday (August 20) at 8.15 p.m. it starts with “Beautiful! Danube journey – From Passau to Vienna ”. dpa

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