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Karl Lauterbach with gloomy Corona forecast – "It will be very difficult"

Health Minister Karl Lauterbach sounds the alarm. He has bad news for the end of January with regard to the corona pandemic.

Berlin – does the corona vaccination target wobble? Apparently yes. The federal government’s plan saw and provides for 80 percent of people in Germany to have been vaccinated against Sars-CoV-2 at least once by the end of January. The data already suggest that this goal will be difficult to achieve.

72.3 percent of Germans are fully vaccinated against the corona virus. 74.8 percent have received at least one vaccination dose so far (as of January 13, 2022, source: RKI). That is 60.1 million (fully vaccinated) or 62.2 million people (at least one vaccination dose). Now the Federal Minister of Health, Karl Lauterbach (SPD), is also sounding the alarm.

Karl Lauterbach on Corona vaccination target: “It will be difficult”

“It will be very difficult, that is clear,” Lauterbach had to admit to the news portal The Pioneer in relation to the declared vaccination target for January. The current figures from the RKI confirm its prognosis. 156.3 million vaccine doses have been injected so far (as of January 13, 2022).

With 88.2 percent, Bremen has by far the highest first vaccination rate. It is followed by Saarland (80.9 percent) and Hamburg (80.1 percent). Far behind, Saxony comes in last with a 63.9 percent first vaccination rate. After all: Almost 45 percent of Germans have already had the booster vaccination behind them. The figures are also clear: in order to achieve the 80 percent target by the end of January, over four million people would have to receive their first vaccination in the next two weeks. Rather unlikely.

Corona case numbers are increasing: Karl Lauterbach calls for stricter measures

It was not without reason, especially due to the increasing number of Corona cases, that the Prime Ministers agreed on stricter measures such as 2G Plus in the catering trade in the first week of January. Lauterbach, however, the new corona rules do not go far enough. “I think the number of cases will increase. Therefore, further action will be necessary in due course. But that is now a very important step forward, ”he explained in the ARD.

Most recently, Lauterbach also warned of a deadly “corona experiment”, as he called it “hard but fair”. What is meant is the British strategy of contamination. “If we had had the mortality rate of the English, more than twice as many people would have died in Germany as we had to complain about,” emphasized the Minister of Health. The “experiment” had fatal consequences for Germany. (nc)

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