NewsKarl May actress Marie Versini has died

Karl May actress Marie Versini has died

She played Nscho-chi, Winnetou's sister, and thus became world famous. Now the French actress Marie Versini has died.

Paris – Actress Marie Versini, who became a star in Karl May adventures in the 1960s, is dead.

The French, who conquered the German audience as Winnetou's sister Nscho-chi, died on Monday at the age of 81, as the Karl May Verlag in Bamberg confirmed on Wednesday to the German press agency, citing the family.

Versini says he was born on August 10, 1940 in Paris. She first appeared in front of the camera in 1956 in “Mitsou and the Men”, followed around seven years later in “Winnetou Part 1”, which premiered in December 1963 in Munich. She died as Nscho-chi in the arms of Old Shatterhand. The scene with Lex Barker went down in film history. dpa

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