NewsKate and William caught cuddling with therapy dog

Kate and William caught cuddling with therapy dog

Many did not realize that a four-legged friend was waiting for Kate and William at Amner Hall in Norfolk until the ducal couple of Cambridge met therapy dog Alfie.

Clitheroe – The couple recently visited Clitheroe Community Hospital, where they met a Cockapoo puppy named Alfie, who – as the newest team member in training – will be trained to become a therapy dog to help patients and hospital staff with their work.
In doing so, the Cambridges revealed a few details about their own dog, who lives at the royal estate.*

Kate and William caught cuddling with therapy dog

Little is known about her own wagging family addition, who joined the five royals about a year ago. The loss of her first dog, Lupo, two years ago, which was also often seen in royal snapshots, was perhaps too painful. Apparently, Kate’s brother James Middleton (34), known for his history of therapy and love of dogs *, gave the new fur nose to the family. It is said to be a nephew of Lupos, which, as it now turns out, is not true as far as the sex of the four-legged friend is concerned.

Prinz William und die Herzogin von Cambridge spielen mit Therapiehund Alfie.


Duchess Kate hugs therapy dog Alfie, and Prince William can hardly keep his hands off the Cockapoo puppy.

Because while Kate and William devotedly cuddled and played with puppy Alfie and took him out of each other’s arms, Duchess Kate* said: “Our dog will be very excited. She will say, ‘Where have you been?’” Lo and behold, a female dog. Apparently a black cocker spaniel, at least that much attentive Instagram users could rhyme together.

Kate and William got a puppy from James’ litter

Because James had posted a picture on Instagram at the time and announced that his own dog Luna, Lupo’s sister, had given birth to “six healthy little puppies”. James went on to say he won’t be keeping the puppies himself as “they all have lovely homes waiting for them.” Surely there was a new cuddle mate for Prince George* (8), Princess Charlotte* (6) and Prince Louis* (3) present.

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Only years later did it become known that the royal couple had taken their first cocker spaniel Lupo to bridge the difficult time when papa Prince William* was supposed to go to the Falkland Islands for a six-week assignment, which of course explains the great enthusiasm the Cambridges for therapy dogs. Alfie must have enjoyed it.

The Danish royal family also recently turned their backs on the dog. Crown Princess Mary and Crown Prince Frederik are even new dog parents in a double pack.* * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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