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Kate & William: This royal should have gotten her title

William and Kate have also been known as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge since their wedding. Actually, Queen Elizabeth II had intended this title for another royal.

London – When they talk about the Cambridges, every Royal fan knows immediately that they mean Prince William (39), his wife Kate (39) and their three children George (8), Charlotte (6) and Louis (3) are. Originally, Queen Elizabeth II (95) wanted to award the Duchy of Cambridge to another member of the Royal Family. At a special request, this person became an Earl (German: Graf) instead of a Duke (German: Herzog), reports *.

Kate & William: This royal should have gotten her title

When Queen Elizabeth II. * Approaches the award of the title, the most sonorous results come out. Camilla Parker Bowles * (74) became the Duchess of Cornwall and the Duchess of Rothesay after her marriage to Prince Charles * (73). Prince Harry * (37) and his Meghan * (40) have been known since their marriage in May 2018 * as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and behind the Count and Countess of Wessex are Prince Edward (57) and his wife Sophie (56).

According to reports, the queen originally intended to make her youngest son a duke as well. Edward obviously had other preferences.

Prinz William und Herzogin Kate stehen nebeneinander und lachen (Symbolbild).


William and Kate almost did not become Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (symbol picture).

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Kate & William: They owe their title to Prince Edward – and Colin Firth!

Prince Edward * should actually have received the title that his nephew Prince William now bears – Duke of Cambridge. Instead of a countess, his wife Sophie * would have become a duchess. However, a special coincidence led to the change in the awarding of the title.

“Prince Edward was supposed to be Duke of Cambridge, but in the movie ‘Shakespeare in love’ he saw a character named the Earl of Wessex. He thought that sounds good and so he asked his mother if he would rather have this title, ”the Beaumonde portal quotes the historian and writer Kenneth Rose.

Prinz Edward steht hinter seiner Ehefrau Gräfin Sophie, die lächelt (Symbolbild).


Prince Edward was originally to be appointed Duke of Cambridge (symbol picture).

The portrayal of the British actor Colin Firth (61), who, according to IMDb, did not play a Count in the award-winning film from 1998, but at least played a Lord of Wessex, apparently seems to have made a great impression on Edward. * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

Rubriclistenbild: © i Images / Imago

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