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Kathy Sáenz: growing from inspiration and love

During the pandemic, the actress created Pure Beauty, her venture based on five essential oil blends to alleviate different ailments. In addition, he talks about his experience in Krea Colombia, where he will be until July 11.

How and when was the idea of entrepreneurship born in the natural industry?

Pure Beauty was born in the pandemic, as a result of all the difficult emotional states that people began to go through, such as fear, anxiety, anguish, insomnia and others. It was born as a tool to help people with these types of emotional states and also to be able to give balance and well-being to our existence. This undertaking starts from nature, because I have always felt a very deep connection with it since I was very little and I have always known that our healing comes from it.

What products does Pure Beauty handle?

Our brand hit the market in October 2020. We have five essential oil blends, each made specifically for different types of emotional, mental and physical ailments. In addition, we have diffusers for these oils and 100% natural soy and coconut oil massage candles.

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What inspires Kathy Sáenz?

It inspires me to be able to help people who are somehow going through difficult emotional processes and also to have a little inner connection through the subtle energy of essential oils. My purpose is that life becomes a little more bearable and with well-being.

What are the differential aspects of your brand in the market?

The first and most important thing is that our mixtures are 100% pure, made with all the care and love from the process of obtaining the raw material, which comes from crops of Colombian farmers who have done this work for generations, promoting our ancestral knowledge. .

Who is part of the project and what are their roles?

Our company is made up of my husband Sebastián Martínez and myself. At this time we have a wonderful team of people working with all the love and professionalism to make ourselves known and grow together hand in hand.

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How has the market responded so far and what are your growth projections?

Actually, I am not moved by economic expectations. Rather, I prefer to deliver a beautiful help tool and I know that in this way the economic comes. This has been the case, we have had a spectacular acceptance, many people have already benefited from our oils and our products that generate well-being, and to have been launched on the market in October, I think the growth has been impressive. We hope to continue growing hand in hand with inspiration and love.

You also have a project with Krea Colombia, what is it about?

In a hyper-connected environment, in which brands have decided to launch their digital presence before the physical one, and Fontanar Centro Comercial decided to unite the best of both worlds. For this reason, until July 11, 17 new brands participate in the second edition of its Krea Colombia program, a collaborative project focused on bringing businesses from all over the country to the physical facilities of the shopping center.

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Your brand went from the ‘online’ to the physical through a stand in Krea Colombia, how has the experience been?

The experience has been spectacular and very exciting. The fact of being able to invite people to come and see our products live and direct has been a wonderful opportunity for us, because these products are precisely of physical perception.

How many brands participate in this edition of Krea Colombia and what category can consumers find?

There are 17 new brands of entrepreneurs. It is a very beautiful fair and very pleasant to visit, because people can find women’s clothing, accessories, decorative objects, household products, men’s socks, women’s shoes and of course essential oils and diffusers.