NewsKim Jong-Un: Authorities comment on the dictator's alleged death

Kim Jong-Un: Authorities comment on the dictator's alleged death

Rumor has it that North Korean ruler Kim Jong-un has died. Authorities have now commented on the allegation.

Pyongyang – What’s wrong with Kim Jong-un? The rumor mill is seething. For a long time the dictator had disappeared from the scene and stayed away from appearances in public.

After an appearance in mid-June, in which the North Korean looked a bit emaciated, there was speculation for the first time about Kim Jong-us’s state of health. Shortly afterwards, the first rumors were circulating about his death and the use of a possible double. Now the National Intelligence Service has taken a position on the suspicions.

North Korea: Kim Jong-un murdered by sister?

Meanwhile, numerous theories twist around the life of the North Korean dictator. One of the wildest speculations suggests a dispute between Kim Jong-un and his sister. Allegedly, the relationship between the two is extremely difficult. It was rumored that Kim Yo-jong might have murdered her older brother.

But the government did not just let the claims stand. As the Yonhap News Agency reports, the National Intelligence Service has now for the first time commented on the state of health of its head of state and has described all suspicions as “unfounded”. The intelligence service and other government officials rejected all reports of the dictator’s death.

Kim Jong-un


North Korea’s ruler Kim Jong-un at a press conference in June. (Archive photo)

The overall situation around Kim Jong-un remains strange. One appearance in particular, in mid-June, sticks in the minds of many skeptics. There the ruler looked much thinner than he had months before. The story of a body double quickly made the rounds. The South Korean secret service now claims to have found out using state-of-the-art technology how things really stand with Kim Jong-un’s health.

Kim Jong-un: Sick or just lost weight?

As Guardian reports, the secret service is said to have used artificial intelligence techniques to analyze high-resolution videos of Kim Jong-un. In its reporting, Guardian refers to two unnamed parliamentarians who are said to have been present at a meeting of the secret service.

The digital investigation came to the following result: Compared with recordings from the near past and his appearance in mid-June, Kim Jong-un is said to have lost around 140 to 120 kilograms. In all likelihood, this would not be due to health problems, but rather to his efforts to lose weight.

The fact that the dictator cannot be so bad is also shown by his presence in public. Even if Kim was not visible to the public at times, in 2021 she still took part in 70 public events. Compared to the previous year, an increase of 45 percent – provided it was not a double. (Andreas Apetz)

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