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Kindergarten for one-year-old Kyla: influencer Sarah Harrison expects a real shit storm

Influencer Sarah Harrison shows her entire life on social media channels. Now she wants to send her one-year-old daughter to kindergarten early.

Dubai – Influencer Sarah Harrison is followed by over 2.8 million people on Instagram. The 30-year-old became known in 2015 through the RTL dating show “Der Bachelor”. Today she is one of the most successful social media stars in Germany. She and her family emigrated from Munich to Dubai – their two daughters are growing up there too. Mia Rose is her eldest daughter and her husband and fitness trainer Dominic Harrison – the four-year-old has been attending kindergarten for several years. Now the 30-year-old also wants to send her one-year-old Kyla to daycare. The influencer is already sure that she will trigger a shit storm for this decision.

Sarah Harrison and daughter Kyla: Too early for kindergarten?

In her Instagram story, she tells her fans that Kyla will accompany her big sister to kindergarten. “I also see that when I take Mia to kindergarten, she cries every time. That’s why we’re going to try it out! ”Says Sarah Harrison. So she tried it – Kyla was allowed to stay in the daycare for 45 minutes. A kind of test run, so to speak. It is now certain that the one-year-old will go there regularly from January onwards. But not everyone can and will probably not be satisfied with the decision that she and her husband have now made together. The 30-year-old is even sure that she will get a shit storm for sending Kyla to daycare too early: “I will definitely get a lot of messages now about why Kyla goes to daycare so early. I already got that from Mia back then, ”she continued in her Instagram story.

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Sarah Harrison defends herself against criticism in advance: Kyla in kindergarten from January

Sarah Harrison receives several hundred messages from her fans every day – so she is sure in advance that there will also be a lot of messages about her decision. The 30-year-old is absolutely convinced that everything will go well. After all, Mia Rose (4) went to kindergarten so early. It was the best decision for her and her daughter has also developed well over the years. She will keep her fans and followers up to date on social media networks.

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