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King Charles III is only supposed to reign for seven years – the Queen's secret plan revealed

Created: 09/14/2022, 3:10 p.m

Although King Charles III. has only held his new role for a few days, there is already a heated discussion about the end of his royal term. Queen Elizabeth II is said to have planned the abdication of her successor while she was still alive.

Balmoral – She has been the constant in the lives of many Brits and Royal fans. After a reign of more than 70 years, Queen Elizabeth II († 96, 2022) died at the age of 96. She passed the crown on to her eldest son, King Charles III. (73) passed on, but apparently only temporarily. Even before her death, the Queen is said to have sealed the end of Charles’ reign.

Queen Elizabeth II is said to have questioned King Charles’ staying power

As the head of one of the most traditional royal houses in the world, Queen Elizabeth II already dealt with her successor during her lifetime. According to the line of succession to the British throne, King Charles III. inherited from his mother, which is difficult to surpass, but apparently she had her doubts about his qualities as a regent.

Queen Elizabeth II. hat ihrem Nachfolger König Charles III. offenbar keine lange Regentschaft zugetraut. Ihr ältester Sohn soll wohl an seinem 80. Geburtstag abdanken. (Fotomontage)
Queen Elizabeth II has her successor King Charles III. apparently not expected to have a long reign. Her eldest son is expected to resign on his 80th birthday. (Photomontage) © Alastair Grant/dpa & i Images/Imago

In order to ensure that the crown does not falter in the coming years, Queen Elizabeth II is said to have had serious talks with her family a few months ago. As “Radar Online” reports, citing a palace source, the monarch was not convinced “that her heirs have the will, the skills and the character to do it right.” Some had agreed on the Queen’s orders Senior Royals therefore gathered in Sandringham last year.

Succession to the British throne after the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

1. Prince William, eldest son of King Charles III.

2. Prince George, eldest son of Crown Prince William

3. Princess Charlotte, only daughter of Crown Prince William

4. Prince Louis, youngest son of Crown Prince William

5. Prince Harry, youngest son of King Charles III.

Only seven years King Charles III.? Queen wanted William on the throne

At the royal family’s country estate in Norfolk, the Queen is said to have disclosed the royal plans for the future, including a precise timetable for the reign of King Charles III. should have counted. The 73-year-old monarch should therefore rule for seven years until his 80th birthday and then leave the throne to his son William (40). This alleged project should be welcomed by many Britons, in previous polls on the popularity of the royals, William and his wife Kate Middleton (40) often ended up ahead of Charles and his wife Camilla (75).

Charles III masters his new role. despite the grief for his mother, he has been sovereign so far, but the cameras have been able to catch one or the other slip-up. During the proclamation to the throne, Charles caused quite a stir when he was unceremoniously thrown by a pen. Sources used:

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