NewsKing Willem-Alexander in the criticism: Controversial action stirs emotions

King Willem-Alexander in the criticism: Controversial action stirs emotions

The Dutch people are currently not on good terms with their head of state. This is due to a controversial decision by King Willem-Alexander.

Apeldoorn – As the regent of the Netherlands, King Willem-Alexander (54) is in the public eye. Each of his steps is followed closely, his decisions are put to the test. He doesn’t always get words of praise, he also has to take criticism on a regular basis.

The closure of Het Loo Park makes waves every year. Just in time for the start of the hunting season, King Willem-Alexander is closing the gates of the extensive nature reserve, which borders the former royal castle Het Loo, for several months this autumn. The fact that visitors to the royal hunt are denied entry until Christmas has long displeased residents and nature and animal rights activists. However, the million dollar grant that the Dutch royal family has received for maintenance in recent years is also hotly debated. * explains why Willem-Alexander is even threatened with legal proceedings because of the Het Loo grant.

According to media reports, King Willem-Alexander will receive 4.7 million euros for park maintenance every five years, but this could be over next year. As of 2022, the monarch will only receive the cash injection if the park is open at least 358 days per year. A closure in autumn would therefore have far-reaching consequences. * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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