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Kingii: a bracelet to save your life

It always seems like it happens to others, but one day it may be your turn. With summer comes the scares in the water, and many could be avoided thanks to the Kingii, a wearable in the form of a bracelet. If you find yourself in trouble, pull the lever: the bag hidden inside will fill with CO2, inflate instantly and become a mini float that will carry you to the surface, even if you weigh 130 kilos.

The device, weighing only 160 grams, fits the wrists of all people over six years of age. It has a replaceable CO2 cartridge that opens when you pull the little lever; the released gas fills the bag, which is kept in a small compartment.

The mini float is orange so it is easy to see, and its hexagonal shape makes it easy to grip. The equipment is completed with a whistle to call for help if we are away from other people, and a small compass built into the bracelet.

The Kingii is the brainchild of Tom Agapiedes , an American who invented it after a friend of his drowned. Its creation cannot replace a life jacket, but it can keep you alive until rescue arrives.

It costs 90 euros and has no shipping costs.

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