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Knife stabbing triggers amok alarm in Aschaffenburg – bouncer seriously injured

Created: 10/29/2022, 8:27 p.m

Bouncers reject an 18-year-old in front of a club in Aschaffenburg. The argument ends in a knife fight and triggers a large-scale operation.

Aschaffenburg – The planned visit to a Halloween party ended for an 18-year-old in prison. Because he was denied entry to a club in Aschaffenburg on Friday evening (October 28), he attacked one of the bouncers with a knife.

The 18-year-old had repeatedly attracted negative attention in the club on Würzburger Straße in the past. That’s why he had to stay outside on the instructions of the bouncer that Friday evening. “The young man was extremely unreasonable and threatened to return at a later date,” said a joint statement from the Aschaffenburg public prosecutor’s office and the police.

Knife fight in Aschaffenburg: 18-year-old seriously injures bouncer

A short time later, the 18-year-old appeared again in front of the club and threatened the security staff with a knife. According to the police, they used pepper spray, after which the young man fled to a gas station opposite.

Police are looking for clues

In order to reconstruct the course of the crime, the police are looking for witnesses as well as photos and video recordings. Anyone who saw the clash on Friday evening is asked to call the police on 06021/857-1733.

When one of the bouncers tried to hold him down, the 18-year-old tried to stab the security guard. He was able to fend off this, but was seriously injured in the hand. The wound later had to be treated surgically in the hospital, it was said.

Aschaffenburg: stabbing triggers amok alarm

Other employees of the security service and other guests were finally able to fix the suspect on the ground until the police arrived. Since the event attracted numerous onlookers, the police and fire brigade initially blocked off Würzburger Straße. Due to the initially confusing situation, according to the police, “an amok alarm was triggered in the Aschaffenburg control center”. Numerous emergency services were on site.

Aufgrund der anfänglichen Unübersichtlichkeit musste die Würzerburger Straße gesperrt werden.
Due to the initial confusion, Würzburger Straße had to be closed. © Armin Lerch/

Three party guests had to be treated by the emergency services on site due to eye irritation caused by the use of pepper spray. One person suffered a nervous breakdown and was also treated.

The 18-year-old was provisionally arrested by police officers and brought before a judge on Saturday (October 29) by order of the public prosecutor’s office. This issued an arrest warrant, among other things, on suspicion of dangerous bodily harm. (cheese)

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