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Kristen Stewart on Princess Diana as a mother

The US actress Kristen Stewart has learned a lot from her examination of her role as British Princess Diana. As a mother, she has surpassed herself.

Toronto – Princess Diana made the greatest impression on actress Kristen Stewart as a mother.

“As the mother of her sons, she has surpassed herself,” said 31-year-old Stewart in a live video broadcast at the 46th Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) on Wednesday. In the evening (local time) the drama “Spencer” about Diana will celebrate its North American premiere there.

In preparing for her role as Diana, Stewart felt her “unrestrained strength and unstoppable force of nature” most when it came to Prince William and Prince Harry. “She wasn’t very good at protecting herself. But she was very, very good at protecting her children, ”said the actress.

In “Spencer” Stewart (“Twilight”) plays Princess Diana, who spends Christmas 1991 with the royal family. The holidays bring a decisive turn in Diana’s life: she wants to separate from Charles.

The drama is a German co-production and was shot largely in Brandenburg and North Rhine-Westphalia. Directed by the Chilean Pablo Larraín (“Jackie”). The film is one of over 130 international contributions that will be shown over ten days at TIFF. The winning film, traditionally chosen by the public in Toronto, will be announced on September 18. dpa

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