NewsLarge fire on the Brocken smaller than previously stated

Large fire on the Brocken smaller than previously stated

Created: 09/16/2022, 2:45 p.m

Großbrand am Brocken im Harz
Charred tree trunks lie in the operational area on the Brocken at the beginning of September. © Matthias Bein/dpa

While the flames were raging, the emergency services probably estimated that the fire in the affected forest area was much larger than it actually was. That will now be corrected.

According to the Harz National Park, the major fire on the Brocken, which was extinguished a week ago, was significantly smaller than initially assumed. After the evaluation of aerial photos, an area of maximum 12 hectares was found, it said in a statement on Friday. Previously there had been talk of around 160 hectares. Hundreds of emergency services had been fighting the flames for around a week, helicopters and fire-fighting planes were deployed.

National Park Manager Roland Pietsch explained: “The fire was understandably perceived in the region with great concern. Understandably, during an emergency situation, the rescue services can only make a rough estimate. It is all the more important to provide transparent, open and fact-based information about the area ultimately affected.”

Even after the forest fire near Schierke that broke out on August 11, the number of hectares was corrected significantly. After initially speaking of up to 37 hectares, the national park finally measured 3.6 hectares. dpa

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