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Largest operation in history: thousands of police officers in London

Created: 09/16/2022, 5:48 p.m

Nach dem Tod von Königin Elizabeth II. - London
Police officers gather along the Mall ahead of the ceremonial procession of Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall. © Victoria Jones/PA Wire/dpa

From the 70th anniversary on the throne this year to the 2012 Olympics, the amount of time spent commemorating the Queen’s death surpasses anything in British history.

London – The funeral ceremonies for Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II, who died last week, triggered the largest operation in the history of the London police. A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police told the British PA news agency on Friday that the effort to mourn the Queen will exceed both her 70th anniversary on the throne this year and the 2012 Olympics. The sporting event saw 10,000 officers on duty every day . That will now be exceeded. However, the spokesman did not give an exact figure for the scope of the operation.

The state funeral scheduled for Monday will also be the largest operation to protect international guests, dignitaries and other important people, the spokesman said.

The police agency, also known as Scotland Yard, said it made 34 arrests for a range of offenses in connection with the operation. No one was arrested for protesting. In Scotland, there had been at least two arrests of people who had been critical of the royal family or individual members during the celebrations.

36 km long barriers

According to the police, motorcycle escorts, armed units, dog teams and the water police are deployed in London alongside the famous bobbies. The barriers in the city center to direct the crowds are lined up 36 kilometers long. Flying drones is prohibited.

Also in Windsor, where the Queen is supposed to find her final resting place on Monday, a large police operation with 2,000 officers, security checks like at the airport and roadblocks are planned. In addition, police drones are to be used, the Thames patrolled and telephone booths, gullies and garbage cans checked. dpa

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