EntertainmentMusicLasso and Danna Paola premiere "Ladrones"

Lasso and Danna Paola premiere "Ladrones"

The artists return to work for the second time together, this time presenting a simple continuation of the previous work “Subtitles”.

Lasso and Danna Paola release their second collaborative track, entitled “Ladrones”, the first time they worked together was in 2019 with “Subtitles”. This is a song that Lasso himself defines as reggaeton with sorrow, a genre that he feels defines some of his songs, and in his own words it is a way to investigate the urban genre further, without losing the sound that he has been working on. the last years.

The lyrics of the song talk about relationships that people are clear about the damage it would cause them, but one way or another they end up involved in them. Also for relationships that involve friendship.

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From impossible love or toxic relationships the name of the single is born, as a hint to steal a kiss that should not be. “Ladrones” was produced by Orlando Vitto, with a very minimalist structure, using the right and right sounds to give it the identity it was looking for.

The theme of the song as the video clip is the continuation of the single “Subtitles”, the first part was that stage where both want but are not clear if they will take the step or not, and for this second part everything revolves around the fact that despite know that they should not do anything and are doing it, like thieves.

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The video begins where the last video clip ends, where Lasso had been shot, and in this continuation it will be discovered what happened two years later. Directed by Gaby Noya, the video clip shows the on-camera chemistry between Lasso and Danna, both adding all their talent and artistry to the song.

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