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Last Minute: Telmex and the telephone workers' union reach an agreement and call off the strike

Telmex and the Telephone Operators Union of the Mexican Republic (STRM) reached an agreement to end the strike that broke out on July 26 due to alleged violations of the collective agreement between the union and the company.

Negotiations began yesterday and continue this Friday. At noon, according to the Ministry of Labor, the company and its union reached an agreement and lifted the strike and agreed to present ” viable proposals” in the next 20 business days on the issues of labor liability, unfilled vacancies and the future pension scheme.

The STRM had said that in this process the work of conciliation, mediation and arbitration of the public servants appointed by the STPS would play “a fundamental role”. The head of the Ministry of Labor, Luisa Alcalde, confirmed yesterday that the agency would be a mediator in the negotiations.

For the negotiations, a Tripartite Technical Table was formed (two members of the Union and its General Secretary, two members of the company (Telmex) and the General Director, two public servants designated by the Secretary of Labor), which in a period of 20 days Skilled will address the issues of labor liabilities, vacancies and newly hired workers, in order to complete the work and agree on a solution to the conflict.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador urged Telmex and the STRM to reach an agreement to lift the strike.

“I want it because (Telmex) is a Mexican company and I want it for the benefit of the workers and they have to reconcile and I have a lot of confidence because Carlos Slim is a sensitive person and knows that these are other times,” López Obrador commented in his conference. morning.

The president revealed that more than three years ago Carlos Slim sent him a graph on the evolution of wages in Mexico where he recognized that they are lower in relation to China. “Over time, it turns out that wages in China are higher than wages in Mexico,” explained the president.

The company had agreed a month before the outbreak of the strike a wage increase of 4.7%.

The Telecommunications Law Institute (IDET) had asked the Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFT) to monitor the strike of Telmex unionized workers to avoid possible risks in the operation of telecommunications services and affectations to the company’s users. .

Telmex said that the outbreak of the strike would not affect “the quality and continuity” of all its telecommunications services due to its “state-of-the-art technology, which allows it to have a network that operates autonomously.” The subsidiary company of América Móvil serves 21.3 million users, of which 10.1 million correspond to broadband and 11.2 million to fixed lines.

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