FunLearn how to stay productive in the summer

Learn how to stay productive in the summer

On vacation, we want to disconnect. But there are many people who this summer must continue with their work rhythm or at least be part of it. That’s when we wonder how to stay productive in the summer , because we all know that we break habits and routines.

It is important to set goals, even if they are few and not to overload, but not to get carried away by apathy.

Set achievable goals

According to Udemy, in collaboration with Pau Rodrigo Millán, if you want something to happen, you have to establish what and materialize it: you can write it in a notebook, on the board in your office or on a piece of paper with magnets in the refrigerator. The important thing is to have it on hand, that you can follow up and remember it.

Thus, they recommend an action plan to carry out the task in question, which will allow us to maintain a good rate of productivity.

Out distractions

We know that this is much more complicated in summer: it is hot, most of the people are on vacation, beach, swimming pool … but you have to focus on carrying out what is proposed in certain hours where you have to be very concentrated and avoid distractions , everything You can do this when you finish.

To say no

It is something that we must do everything, not only in summer, but also throughout the year. Why? Because saying is not important and does not carry something negative. That is, the proposals or requirements of others that deviate you from your goals or attractive plans (and more in summer), but that conflict with the goals that we have set out to achieve.

So there is nothing wrong with saying no, since your plans are established because all that you add more makes you less productive.

Productive routines and habits

Since we don’t usually follow our routines in the summer, then it’s harder for us to be productive. Udemy recommends incorporating productive routines and eliminating those that are unproductive.

For example, a beneficial productive routine in the summer is to do activities that are important to ourselves in the early hours of the morning, such as exercising or meditating.

In fact, the people who succeed and can best balance their work and family life are those who practice these habits and follow them every day.

It is also recommended to get up earlier because during the morning it is easier to concentrate, and if we finish earlier, we can have the whole afternoon for our leisure . Now you know better how to stay productive in the summer.


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