NewsLeonor of Spain: Emotional reunion with the whole family

Leonor of Spain: Emotional reunion with the whole family

She is back: Crown Princess Leonor is finally reunited with her family and made a big appearance at the concert before the Princess of Asturias Prize.

Oviedo – Two months is a long time when you’re 15 years old and separated from family for the first time. Leonor of Spain started school in Wales at the end of August, was badly missed by her family and the Spanish people and now – after her happy return – shone in Oviedo at the concert before the Princess of Asturias Prize on October 22nd. *

Leonor of Spain: Emotional reunion with the whole family

Queen Letizia * was finally able to embrace her eldest again. The young heir to the throne went to school for two months in Wales, where she is expected to graduate from high school in the coming years. Sister Sofía (14) was finally able to shine in her first solo appearance on Spain’s national holiday *, but the two are a well-rehearsed team in front of the cameras and Sofía must have missed her sister Crown Princess Leonor * very much.

Prinzessin Leonor mit Maske in einem pinken Kleid lacht glücklich im Gehen.


Princess Leonor is back in Spain.

Together, shortly before 7:30 p.m., they finally made a sibling performance again in the Auditorium Príncipe Felipe, together with King Felipe * (53) and Queen Letizia (49). It is the first time that the Spanish royal couple is accompanied by their two daughters. The Spanish royals went to the reception to the sound of bagpipes.

Prinzessin Leonor umarmt ihre Mutter Letizia am Flughafen von Madrid. Vater König Felipe steht traurig daneben.


So sad was the farewell at the airport when Leonor said goodbye to Wales.

Leonor of Spain: Asturias worships its princess.

Stehen in Oviedo nebeneinander: Infantin Leonor, König Felipe, Königin Letizia und Infantin Sofía


As if they had never been separated: the heir to the throne stands on her father’s right and the infanta on her mother’s left.

In the thunderstorm of flashlights, the family then entered the hall and took a place of honor in the stalls to the exuberant applause of those present. But also a detail on Letizia’s midi dress caused a stir. A feather boa that ran vertically along the hem of the skirt was the occasion. There is enough to talk about anyway: Recently published party pictures of Leonor’s classmate Princess Alexia of the Netherlands * left questions unanswered. The upcoming 16th birthday of the Crown Princess and Letizia’s upcoming trip to Paraguay * are also big topics.

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Menschen aus Oviedo halten Glückwunsch-Plakate zur Begrüßung der königlichen Familie.


The Spanish royal family is greeted with congratulations in Oviedo.

After the national anthem, the concert began. Together they enjoy the Orquesta Sinfónica del Principado, the “Fantasía para un gentilhombre y Concierto de Aranjuez” under the direction of Josep Vicent (50). Among the guests were some of this year’s award winners, such as the performance artist Marina Abramovic (74).

The concert took place the day before the Princess of Asturias Prize. * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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