NewsLetizia & Felipe are the "most elegant Spaniards": Big...

Letizia & Felipe are the "most elegant Spaniards": Big poll victory

Letizia and Felipe can look forward to a new title. The fashion-loving queen in particular should be extremely happy about it.

Madrid – Queen Letizia (49) has been gaining the reputation of a real fashion icon for years with her glamorous appearances. Your efforts have obviously paid off – and even rubbed off on her husband King Felipe (53). * reveals here who Queen Letizia and King Felipe have left behind in a large styling survey.

Queen Letizia has long been one of the most elegant royals in the world. For years she has delighted fashion critics and royal fans alike with her excellent taste. You won't find any fashion missteps with her. Whether in a bright red trouser suit or a floral summer dress – the regent always cuts a fine figure. At her side, her husband King Felipe is always elegant and leaves the glamorous part of their joint appearances to his gorgeous wife. But the Regent has also undergone a small change in terms of styling. It is the perfect fashionable counterpart to Letizia's clothing style. The royal couple's coherent sense of fashion has now also been rewarded in a survey. * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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