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Lindholm crime scene "The revenge on the world" in the first: European acts

Created: 10/09/2022, 7:51 p.m

20 years ago, Maria Furtwängler started as a crime scene investigator in Lindholm on ARD. For the round date there is an ambitious but somewhat dull episode.

Göttingen – Together we are getting older, but Commissioner Lindholm has been investigating largely unmoved for 20 years in the ARD crime scene, and the period only becomes tangible when you realize that in the same spring of 2002 Klara Blum started the investigations on Lake Constance and in Frankfurt Singer and Dellwo started. Preparations for a men’s doubles were just underway in Münster, and the interested audience tuned in to Ulrich Noethen as a forensic doctor alongside Axel Prahl (as Leo Lenz).

Yes, it all sounds a lot longer now. Incidentally, at that time it was about the 500th episode, 52 years after the first crime scene in 1970, “The revenge on the world” is now number 1212. The number of hits has increased significantly, some of them only take off on Sunday evening for a long time 10 p.m. something before (for example the ZDF thriller), the others whine about a drop in quality due to mass. Difficult to judge, or at least not so difficult to judge by occasionally watching a few old episodes that haven’t become classics.

Crime scene “The Revenge on the World” on ARD: cryptic title, ambitious topic

“The Revenge on the World” has a somewhat cryptic title, an ambitious one too, and the theme is also ambitious, but the development is restrained. On the one hand, that fits in with the fact that quite a few characters, who are actually quite enlightened, must feel offended by their prejudices, on the other hand, it’s a bit boring.

Ziemlich hoher Spielstand, Charlotte Lindholm hat dafür aber keinen Sinn. Christine Schroeder/NDR
Pretty high score, but Charlotte Lindholm doesn’t see the point in it. © NDR/Christine Schroeder

The investigation into the murder of a young woman in Göttingen – loosely based on the case in Freiburg in 2017 – leads to refugees, some of whom the student gave German lessons to. Now many of them are not far from the scene of a world record attempt in endurance football. 356 to 291, 619 to 608, 735 to 744, this is where it gets down to business, and although towards the end you can see the players dragging themselves across the lawn with their last ounce of strength, it would have been nice to have more attention to detail ( a love that the deceased obviously had) can also become more. For Daniel Nocke (script) and Stefan Krohmer (director), the football game is above all a small complication in the search for the perpetrator. Actually, for reasons of world record conditions, almost everyone who comes into question is on the site.

role Actress
Charlotte Lindholm Maria Furtwängler
Anais Schmitz Florence Kasumba
Jelena Mala Emde
Henry Sasha Alexander Gersak
Elmo Leonard Carrow
Munir Kerdagli Eidin Jalali
Mrs Kaul Michaela Hanser
Herr Kaul Jogi Kaiser
Julian Mirco Kreibich
Nick Schmitz Daniel Donskoy
dear Luc Feit
Ciaballa Jonas Minthe

The prejudices run in several directions: First of all, a witness saw a man whom he absolutely believes to be a foreigner, “You know, dark charisma, piercing gaze”, and it was “not a European act either”. And while Lindholm and Schmitz, Maria Furtwängler and Florence Kasumba only roll their eyes inwardly – given their composure you get a vivid idea of what the police have to listen to all day long -, Lindholm in particular does not like this possibility exclude.

Scene of the crime “The revenge on the world” in the ARD: Trouble is inevitable

Of course not because she doesn’t recognize a rape and a murder as an extremely European act, but because the student actually knew many refugees. So the investigator orders an origin analysis of the perpetrator’s DNA in Amsterdam, this is not allowed in Germany, the trouble is inevitable, but also not a very clever twist for the criminal plot. Her boss is outraged, who wants to draw attention to a sex offender who is also on the road in Göttingen and whom the public has already got to know. Must it have been a refugee? Can’t it have been a refugee?

  • Scene of the crime “Revenge on the World” at a glance:
  • Where? In the ARD and after the broadcast for six months in the ARD media library.
  • When? Sunday 9 October 2022 – 8.15 p.m

It is clever how the racism discussion largely bypasses Schmitz. She’s cool and probably the last person who could surprise at this point. Instead, one experiences above all men wriggling out in different life situations.

The most intense cinematic moments have a beginning and an end, and that’s not the rule either. (Judith von Sternburg)

The Vienna crime scene “The Gate to Hell” last Sunday (October 2nd) on ARD would have liked to have been a Vienna horror show, but that didn’t really work out.

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