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Listen to our podcast 'A Very Interesting Week' on Audible

We are going to ask you to do a simple exercise: close your eyes, and imagine that you are on a white sand beach. Listen to the sound of the sea, feel the fresh breeze on your face, the smell of salt … Well, did you know that the white and tropical sand beaches are nothing more than the waste of millions of fish that defecate the corals that eat?

The most emblematic popularization magazine, a benchmark in the Spanish language for 40 years, launches a podcast: ‘Una Semana Muy Interesante’, the program in which we will talk about the most recent findings in science and the unknowns that we still have to solve. Like, for example … was ET male or female? But also, why is exploring Mars relevant? Can we deduce what life will be like on other planets? What remains for us to discover about the brain? How is the perfect symmetry of a solar eclipse produced? What is the most expensive coffee in the world and why does it cost so much?

Until now Very Interesting had always reached the public through sight, the touch of the pages, and even their smell … Now, for the first time, we are going to stimulate your auditory papillae with an original Very Interesting podcast that you will have at your disposal on Audible, Amazon’s exclusive podcasts and audiobooks app. The readers of Muy Interesante and all those passionate about science, technology and innovation will be able to satisfy their appetite for knowing what is new – and what will be next – in a direct, understandable, fun and, above all, reliable way.

In this new listening adventure, you will be accompanied by Juan Scaliter, writer and science journalist, and Laura Marcos, science journalist and editor-in-chief of Muy Interesante’s website. In addition, they will have the collaboration of Enrique Coperías, the director of Muy Interesante magazine, and many of the most prestigious scientists and disseminators in our environment. From March 23, every Tuesday, you can listen to a new episode of ‘A Very Interesting Week’, downloading Audible on your phone or tablet for free for a month, or even 3 months if you have Amazon Prime.

Listen to our podcast ‘A Very Interesting Week’, every Tuesday on Audible

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