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“Long and deep laceration”: Fiona Erdmann drives to the emergency room with her son covered in blood

Created: 07/28/2022, 07:12 am

Fiona Erdmann musste mit ihrem Sohn wegen einer Platzwunde in die Notaufnahme.
Fiona Erdmann had to go to the emergency room with her son because of a laceration. © Screenshots Instagram/fionaerdmann

Fiona Erdmann recently had to go to the emergency room with her daughter, who was born in May. Now her son suffered a deep laceration and needed stitches. He went to the hospital covered in blood.

Dubai – There is a lot going on with Fiona Erdmann (33) at the moment. The former participant in “Germany’s Next Top Model” recently shared that her daughter Nayla, who was born in May, has a gap in her abdominal wall and therefore needs an operation. Now the mother, who lives in Dubai, suddenly had to go to the emergency room with her son Leo.

“Blood everywhere”: Fiona Erdmanns with her child in the emergency room

Erdmann is currently sharing clips of her two-year-old son having a good time on the beach. Shortly thereafter, the shock: “Lio suddenly stands in front of me with an open wound on his eyebrow and blood all over his face,” writes Fiona Erdmann in her Instagram story. Her child sat in the laundry basket and fell over stupidly.

The mother of two drove straight to the emergency room and from there, from the waiting area, continues to tell how brave her child is. “He just cried for a little bit, there was blood all over the place and then I said ‘It’s alright, it’s alright’ and then he stopped crying and it’s alright now, but whoa… the wound looks really nasty ‘ said Fiona Erdmann with concern.

“2 cm long and quite deep laceration”: Fiona Erdmann’s son has to be sewn to the eyebrow

The next day, the 33-year-old explains that her fears had unfortunately come true and Leo had to have stitches. “He had a 2 cm long and quite deep laceration,” said Erdmann. With tape, the wound would have opened up again and again. The sedation really took its toll on her son, but now he is fit again and back in kindergarten, she says.

Fiona Erdmann also shared a tragic story with her fans via Instagram. In April 2021 Fiona Erdmann lost her child – at that time she was suffering from Corona. Sources used:

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