NewsLong Covid specialist warns in an interview: The “new...

Long Covid specialist warns in an interview: The “new widespread disease” will be with us for a long time

Jördis Frommhold urgently warns against underestimating the long-term consequences of Corona: Many of her patients are unable to work – including young ones.

Heiligendamm – It happened that Jördis Frommhold became an expert on Long Covid. Up until two years ago, the chief physician at the Median Clinic in Heiligendamm primarily treated lung patients. But then came Corona and its long-term consequences: Long Covid. Frommhold has made the “new widespread disease” a top priority. And is considered an absolute specialist in the disease, about which little is known; The researchers have not yet been able to find a cause for it – and therefore no medication either.
She tells our colleagues here * which patients have touched the Long Covid specialist Jördis Frommhold very much and why the long-term effects of Corona are still incurable.

All Frommhold can do for her patients is treat the symptoms. The doctor does this with heart and soul. Also because she sees every day how much her patients suffer from the long-term consequences. Loss of taste and hair loss in tufts are among the harmless symptoms. Some of those affected, including many young people, can no longer cope with their everyday life. They have trouble concentrating, can hardly get out of bed, can no longer work. Frommhold writes about their fates in their book “Long Covid – the new widespread disease” (CHBeck Verlag). You are not alone. In Germany, an estimated one million people are already affected by Long Covid. Because of the high incidences, it will probably affect even more people in the near future.

Ms. Frommhold also advises politicians such as Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD). Then she warns against underestimating the effects of Long Covid: “If many people in systemically important professions are absent for months and years, this can also have far-reaching effects on the economy,” she says. But that’s just one reason why education is so important to her. You can read the conversation about an underestimated illness and its consequences with our colleagues. * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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