NewsLooking for Barefoot Book Sellers in the Maldives

Looking for Barefoot Book Sellers in the Maldives

Created: 08/01/2022 12:49 p.m

Georgie Pohill, the previous book seller at Barefoot Bookstore on Soneva Fushi. © Moosa/Soneva Fushi/Ultimate library Co. UK/dpa

Find the perfect book for your dream vacation: The bookseller, who is currently being searched for on a Maldives island, should help with this.

Male – If you don’t feel like your job anymore and would rather live on a tropical island instead, you now have a new opportunity: A barefoot bookseller is currently being sought on a luxury hotel island in the Maldives. You can apply until mid-August, the position is limited to one year, as stated in the Insel bookshop’s advertisement.

According to a staffer, the island’s motto is “No Shoes, No News” — to help guests feel grounded and the sand between their toes. The employees should also follow the motto.

One of the things the new bookseller hopes to help hotel guests with is this: “While most of us believe that vacations are our only way to read for pleasure, finding the perfect book to do it with can be a challenge enriches your destination and your spirit.”

Predecessors have provided guests with unforgettable literary experiences – from writing workshops to personal reading consultations. Now new ideas are needed. The bookseller position has been around for three years.

Candidates should love books and communicate well with guests of all ages, have excellent oral and written English and write an entertaining island life blog. The tasks also included guest workshops on creative writing, bibliotherapy or literature. dpa

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