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"Lost a person": Pop star Helene Fischer becomes very private at the Munich concert

Created: 08/24/2022, 07:05 am

Helene Fischer performt „Luftballon“ während ihres München-Konzerts vor 130.000 Schlagerfans (Fotomontage)
Helene Fischer kept revealing details of her private life during her concert. For example, that she recently lost an important person in her life. (Photomontage) © Private/Lisa Klugmayer

The Munich concert on Saturday was not only Helene Fischer’s biggest concert, but also one of her most personal. In the back, the Schlagerqueen chatted out details from her private life. For example, that she recently lost an important person in her life.

Munich – Helene Fischer delighted an incredible 130,000 Schlager fans at her mega concert in Munich on Saturday. But it wasn’t just celebrated, the Schlagerqueen also took the time to address serious issues. So she revealed before “Luftballon” that the song had dealt with a heavy loss.

Quiet moments between party hits: Helene Fischer tells of “painful loss”

Despite the sometimes heavy rain, Helene Fischer, one of the most successful German pop singers of all time, really warmed up her fans in Munich on Saturday. “It will be a magical evening,” the Schlagerqueen promises her fans at the beginning of her mega concert. And she didn’t promise too much: the mood was heated from the start, people danced and her fans sang along with the lyrics even after a two-year media break.

Helene Fischer am 20.08.2022 auf dem Messegelände in München
Very close: Helene Fischer celebrated 2.5 hours with her fans © IMAGO / osnapix / brain scarf

But there were also quiet moments in between. After a good two hours of energetic stage show, Helene Fischer floats on a swing above her audience shortly after 10 p.m. and takes a moment to talk to her fans. “I have a song for you now that is once again very personal. I processed a painful loss in it,” says Helene Fischer, visibly touched.

“Lost a person”: Helene Fischer close to tears at the Munich concert

“But I’m pretty sure many of you have lost someone or had to let someone go,” Helene Fischer continues. “And I now know from my own experience that it hurts,” said the Schlagerqueen. The topic is obviously very close to her. She hopes that “with this song she can give you a little comfort. That I can give you courage and hope with it, ”said the Schlagerqueen.

Finally, Helene Fischer asks her fans to turn on their mobile phone flashlights and send “a beautiful light to all the angels who are guarding us tonight”. During “Balloon”, the exhibition center in Munich is transformed into a sea of lights for almost three minutes. But that wasn’t the only goosebump moment that night. During her mega concert in Munich, Helene Fischer also made a declaration of love for Thomas Seitel. Sources used: concert visit

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