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"Lost in Fuseta – A detective story from Portugal": Manhunt under the Algav sun

Created: 09/22/2022, 2:49 p.m

„Lost in Fuseta - Ein Krimi aus Portugal“ im Ersten.
“Lost in Fuseta – A thriller from Portugal” in the first. © ARD Degeto/Mariella Koch

The first shows a two-part Portugal thriller based on a novel by Gil Ribeiro aka Holger Karsten Schmidt.

Frankfurt – The ARD company Degeto, which is responsible for such tasks, had the novel “Lost in Fuseta” by author Gil Ribeiro filmed. Behind the pseudonym is Holger Karsten Schmidt, who otherwise supplies series such as “Nord bei Nordwest”, “Harter Brocken”, “Der Metzger” to the first. “Lost in Fuseta” was shot as a two-part film on original locations in the Algarve, which is a lot more complex (production: ffpnewmedia). In ignorance of the novel, which already contains a grammatical error in the first sentence, measured solely by the cinematic result, it is not immediately apparent why this decision was made.

Graciana Rosado (Eva Meckbach) races so wildly through the Portuguese coast that lush clouds of dust obscure the sun. No chase, she and Carlos Esteves (Daniel Christensen) only bring colleague Rui to the airport, who is to work in Hamburg for a year. In exchange, they take the German Leander Lost (Jan Krauter) – a very dispensable joke – in reception.

TV review: “Lost in Fuseta” in the first

Lost is formally and thus inappropriately dressed, childlike in appearance, somewhat stiff, chilled and apparently quite humorless. Also extremely meticulous. For example, he can immediately name the number of rainy days in Hamburg – it is 129.4 – and the resulting amount of precipitation – 772.7 millimeters. However, it is not up to date, these are average values from the last millennium. A petitesse, wouldn’t the character of Leander Lost by author Holger Karsten Schmidt be ascribed the insistence on accuracy as a significant characteristic.

On the way back, the two Portuguese tease the guest and get red cheeks when he shows that he understands their language. From then on, people talked in an absurd gibberish of German, English and Portuguese. According to the pattern: “We bring you to your new home. A house near Fuseta.” The German language actually replaces Portuguese here, just as it replaces American in Hollywood films. But somehow local color should sound. That’s why they greet each other in a non-German way with “Olá”, thank them with “Obrigada”, and the dead person is called by his nickname “O Olho”, the eye. Brabbleon instead of Babylon.

Despite the constant sunshine, Rosada and Esteves are obviously not the brightest. They first need the tutoring of Graciana’s clever sister Soraia Rosado (Filipa Areosa) to realize that the “Alemão” was born with Asberger Syndrome. As a result, he lacks social skills. He cannot interpret gestures and facial expressions, cannot lie, cannot violate service regulations, does not understand irony, meets ambiguity with incomprehension. Schmidt often makes humorous capital out of this. Esteves asks: “Are you kidding me?” Lost replies, completely seriously: “No, I could never carry you.” At the same time, Lost has extraordinary talents. A photographic memory, quick wit, logical thinking. He also cuts a good figure as a shooter.

“Lost in Fuseta” in The First: Painful Taunts

However, these characteristics make Lost an outsider. Accordingly, the Portuguese investigators have some difficulties with him, even want to end their cooperation and send him home. The tragedy with which people like Lost have to struggle in everyday life is briefly mentioned. He says of his Hamburg colleagues: “They like to laugh”, and you can imagine what that means, but you will understand it at the latest when he bursts into tears when he is told to go home.

“Lost in Fuseta – A thriller from Portugal”

Saturday, September 10, 8:15 p.m., Das Erste

But Schmidt leaves it at that, spends more time on Lost’s quirks and the reactions of those around him, and also lays the foundation for a love story between Lost, who likes dimples, and Soraia Rosado, who has dimples. This moment seems fake, would definitely have needed more development time to appear plausible. Because first of all, Lost answers the offer of Rosada, who is very pretty and attentive according to media standards, to visit him occasionally with the question: “Why?”

“Lost in Fuseta” in the first: Fear in surreal images

Series fans know about the predecessors of this character and may also recognize similarities. Like Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory, Lost strives to understand irony. Also in the school of perceptive oddballs are Belgian Professor T., Doctor House, Shaun Murphy from The Good Doctor, to name a few.

The criminal case develops rather slowly and does not end in a credible way. Again and again, the veteran Schmidt reaches into the kit with standard situations. The endangered witness – a motif Schmidt frequently uses – the leak in the apparatus. Police operations here are strictly textbook – following the paragraphs that say what not to do.

Director Florian Baxmeyer should have recognized that the story could have used more depth and inner tension. Alternatively, he chases the camera through the air at jet speed and in wild trajectories, even if only a completely unspectacular motorbike ride has to be photographed. What is original, however, is how he visualizes Lost’s fears, with effective excursions into the surreal. And of course he and cameraman Michael Grabowski live enormously from the sunny Mediterranean coastal landscape. (Harold Keller)

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