NewsLotto at Christmas (December 25th, 2021): Please note this...

Lotto at Christmas (December 25th, 2021): Please note this at the acceptance deadline

A lottery win this Christmas? If you want to fill out a lottery ticket on Saturday (December 25th, 2021), you don’t just have to pay attention to the acceptance deadline.

Lüdenscheid – What do you want for Christmas – a Playstation? Books? Socks? Not bad at all. But how about a few million euros? The prerequisite for this is a valid ticket for the lottery on Saturday * (25.12.2021). And good luck. knows which special features lottery players have to consider for the drawing on Christmas Day. *

If you want to give yourself the chance of a Christmas present in the form of a lottery ticket or someone else: According to *, it is important that you keep the acceptance deadline for the drawing. But there is a problem with this. * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

Heavy rain in Baden-Württemberg: behave correctly in the event of flooding

Weather low "Karin" moves across Baden-Württemberg and causes heavy rain and thunderstorms. There is a risk of flooding. Read here how best to behave in an emergency:

Pietro Lombardi returns to DSDS

Pietro Lombardi will return for the final DSDS season. The singer will sit on the jury alongside Dieter Bohlen. Here's how the 30-year-old reacted to his comeback:

Daniela Katzenberger has a heart condition – “uncomfortable”

Daniela Katzenberger often suffers from palpitations. This feeling worries the TV blonde, even if she knows that it's all in her head. Read more about it here:

Excitement about video of Finland's head of government celebrating

"I have nothing to hide," says the Finnish Prime Minister. "I haven't done anything illegal."

No Room for Nanny Maria: Moving brings big changes for George, Charlotte and Louis

The Adelaide Cottage, into which Kate Middleton and Prince William will move, has no place for Nanny Maria. The Cambridge youngsters are left behind.