NewsLotto at Christmas (December 25th, 2021): Please note this...

Lotto at Christmas (December 25th, 2021): Please note this at the acceptance deadline

A lottery win this Christmas? If you want to fill out a lottery ticket on Saturday (December 25th, 2021), you don’t just have to pay attention to the acceptance deadline.

Lüdenscheid – What do you want for Christmas – a Playstation? Books? Socks? Not bad at all. But how about a few million euros? The prerequisite for this is a valid ticket for the lottery on Saturday * (25.12.2021). And good luck. knows which special features lottery players have to consider for the drawing on Christmas Day. *

If you want to give yourself the chance of a Christmas present in the form of a lottery ticket or someone else: According to *, it is important that you keep the acceptance deadline for the drawing. But there is a problem with this. * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

Stuttgart 21 railway project: costs continue to rise

The Stuttgart 21 railway project has been under construction for 12 years. Since then, the cost has risen several times, and continues to rise.

Rampage in Heidelberg: "A very quiet young man" – How did Nikolai G. live?

Heidelberg - Nicolai G. is considered a quiet type. Until he enters a lecture hall at Heidelberg University, heavily armed, killing one person and seriously injuring three others.

Survey: More lonely seniors aged 80+ than before the pandemic

How is the pandemic affecting the lives of older people? A survey makes it clear that loneliness is a big issue. One group of seniors in particular is affected.

Teach "Better Holocaust"? Author stunned by book ban in US schools

In Tennessee, a school district decides to remove the Holocaust comic "Mouse" from the curriculum. The decision sparked a major controversy in the United States.

Bobby cars and Musk rockets

While Paris is dreaming of London, after the mashed potatoes battle in the women's prison, the scores are settled