NewsMachine builders in Baden-Württemberg pay bonuses despite the corona...

Machine builders in Baden-Württemberg pay bonuses despite the corona crisis

The corona pandemic is still affecting the economy in the country. Many companies are therefore canceling the Christmas bonus this year. Stihl, Trumpf and Kärcher continue to pay.

Stuttgart – Christmas bonus has long ceased to be a matter of course. Many companies no longer pay out the bonus at all. However, some companies have to cancel the extra payment this year due to the economic situation. Because many are still struggling with the effects and after-effects of the corona pandemic. However, the employees of the machine builders Trumpf, Stihl and Kärcher can look forward to a bonus at the end of the year in 2021.

BW24 * reveals who will get Christmas bonuses at Stihl, Trumpf and Kärcher this year.

The Kärcher company from Winnenden also paid all employees a corona bonus this year. * BW24 is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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