NewsMacron: They throw an egg at the president of...

Macron: They throw an egg at the president of France shouting "Long live the Revolution!"

French President Emmanuel Macron was hit by an egg while visiting a gastronomic hall this morning in Lyon. Shouting "Long live the Revolution!" that has not yet been identified.

Macron was already the object of an assault with an egg in 2017 and, a few months ago, he was also slapped during a public act. The French president is currently multiplying his public acts seven months before the elections.

Macron to build new nuclear power plants to meet climate commitments

French President Emmanuel Macron has announced the construction of new nuclear power plants in France to meet climate commitments.

France suspends sanctions against London as fishing license negotiations continue

France has announced that it suspends sanctions against London while negotiations for fishing licenses continue

Corona: German neighbor prescribes mandatory vaccination for nurses, doctors and carers – including the...

Because of the spread of the Delta variant: In France, all hospital employees must be vaccinated against the coronavirus. President Emmanuel Macron puts the pressure on.

The parties of Le Pen and Macron endorse their poor prospects in the French...

The high abstention - this time, 65% - has once again been the dominant note in the second round of the regional elections in France, in which the poor prospects that Marine Le's party brought so much for this day have been confirmed. Pen as the presidential majority of Emmanuel Macron.

Le Pen crashes before the traditional right in a French regional marked by high...

The very high abstention, in record figures of more than 67%, has been the protagonist in the regional election day in France.