NewsMan extorts money from a bank branch in Lebanon...

Man extorts money from a bank branch in Lebanon – his own

Transformation of 'Cat Woman' began over 40 years ago – photo shows what she...

Jocelyn Wildenstein has already spent almost 4 million euros on operations. The “Cat Woman” is hardly recognizable in old pictures.

Michael Wendler wins in court: This is how he protects Laura Müller's privacy

In order to protect the privacy of wife Laura Müller and himself, pop singer Michael Wendler went to court – and won against a private filmmaker!

Attention motorists: liability insurance with an important change

As far as liability insurance for cars is concerned, many owners will have to adapt to changes in 2023.

Dieter Nur is back. And as expected, quite the old one

"Nuhr im Erste", the cabaret show with Dieter Nuhr (ARD), is back from the summer break. And it just gushes out of him. The TV review.

Moles are like "turbocharged Porsche engines"

Moles have an extremely high metabolism and therefore need a lot of food. But in winter there is not enough of it. The European mole has found an unusual solution for this.