NewsMan from Hofheim missing - police ask for help

Man from Hofheim missing – police ask for help

Where is Mr. Bauer? The man from Hofheim (Main-Taunus-Kreis) is missing – the police give out a personal description.

Hofheim – A man from Hofheim (Main-Taunus-Kreis) has been missing since Wednesday (November 24th, 2021). The missing person is Mr. Bauer from the Langenhain district, as the police announced in a report. The time of his disappearance is therefore 11 o’clock.

The police published a short personal description of the missing man from Hofheim. At first there was no picture.

Man from Hofheim (Main-Taunus-Kreis) missing: Police release a description of the person

  • about 1.72 meters tall
  • weighs about 88 kilograms
  • short gray-blonde hair
  • normal stature
  • wears a dark jacket
  • dressed in blue jeans
  • dark shoes

According to the police, the missing person from Hofheim is probably traveling with a blue Suzuki. Official registration number: MTK-MP 113.

When looking for the man, the police asked for the help of the population. Who saw the missing person from Hofheim? Can a witness provide information about Mr. Bauer’s whereabouts? Witnesses should report to the Hofheim police station. The officials there can be reached on 06192-2079 / 0.

Man from Hofheim (Main-Taunus) missing: There are always cases in the region

Adults are considered missing in Germany if they have left their accustomed living environment, cannot be found and they may be in danger. Missing persons are entered in the “Police Information System” (INPOL) computer. If it is certain that the person is in danger or cannot help himself, search measures, for example with helicopters and search dogs, are initiated. Services such as the German Red Cross or the technical relief organization often also work here.

People keep disappearing in the region. The 13-year-old Laurin from Wiesbaden is also missing. Within a few days he disappeared a second time without a trace. In a Frankfurt missing case of two children, however, the police were able to quickly report a success. (tvd)

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