NewsMan stabs alligator in the eye to save his...

Man stabs alligator in the eye to save his puppy

When his puppy is suddenly attacked by an alligator, its owner Mike McCoy courageously takes hold and stabs the reptile in the eye with his thumb.

Pasco County, Florida – It was supposed to be an ordinary walk for Mike McCoy and his 8-month-old puppy, Jake, but things will turn out differently that day. The two are about to go for a lap around a pond when suddenly an alligator jumps out of the water and attacks the dog. The reptile even manages to pull Jake into the water. A huge shock for Mike McCroy, who at first can only watch helplessly as his puppy fights with the alligator. * reports.

Mike McCoy und Welpe Jake


Mike McCoy and puppy Jake survived the alligator attack well

Dog owner Mike is doing everything possible to save his puppy

Actually a hopeless situation, had dog owner Mike not accidentally read about attacks by alligators beforehand. He bravely jumps into the pond and tries to help his dog by sticking his thumb in the eye of the alligator. “If I hadn’t remembered what I read about alligators, I wouldn’t have been able to act so quickly to help Jake,” Mike told NBC News.

And Mike’s rescue operation is successful. He and Jake manage, more or less unscathed, to escape the attack of the alligator. Both of them took some bites, but these are not serious injuries. Mike doesn’t regret his rescue mission for a second. He would do it again and again. This is simply due to the father’s instincts, he explains.

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