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"Many parents are pissed off": George, Charlotte and Louis are not wanted at the new school

Created: 8/30/2022 3:34 p.m

Prince George and his siblings will not start the new school year in London, but in idyllic Bracknell. The Lambrook School is already preparing for its royal newcomers. However, the arrival of the mini royals does not only cause happy faces.

Bracknell – New teachers, new schedule, new subjects: Prince George’s (9), Princess Charlotte (7) and Prince Louis’ (4) first day at Lambrook School is fast approaching. From September, the children of Prince William (40) and Kate Middleton (40) will be going to school in Berkshire, but not everyone is happy about their royal classmates.

George, Charlotte and Louis have changed schools thanks to moving to Windsor

The renowned Lambrook School is just a short drive from the Cambridges’ new home. The family of five will shortly be taking up residence at Adelaide Cottage, which is situated in the grounds of Windsor Castle and is therefore in close proximity to Queen Elizabeth II (96). When exactly the move will take place has not yet been revealed, but the palace has already announced the new school for the offspring.

Mit der exklusiven Lambrook School (r.) haben William und Kate eine neue schulische Heimat für ihre Kinder George, Charlotte und Louis gefunden. (Fotomontage)
With the exclusive Lambrook School (right), William and Kate have found a new school home for their children George, Charlotte and Louis. (Photomontage) © Cover-Images/Imago & picture alliance/dpa/Kensington Palace/PA Media | Lambrook School

While headmaster Jonathan Perry is “delighted” about the famous addition, the start of school for Prince George, Princess Charlotte and baby Louis is said to be causing concern and concern for some parents. Above all, the safety precautions that the three siblings’ lessons at the Lambrook School could entail should be a thorn in their side.

Not the first royal pupils: the Cambridge children’s new school enjoys a good reputation

A lot of parents are pissed off. They fear that the security measures will change the mood and atmosphere of the school. A lot of us worry that things like the Christmas service will now be more formal and not […] casual affairs […],” one concerned mother confided to the Sunday Mirror.

The Lambrook School in Bracknell was founded in 1860 and was already attended by grandchildren of Queen Victoria (81, † 1901), the great-great-grandmother of Queen Elizabeth II. William and Kate have to pay around 20,000 euros per child every school year, but Prince George & Co. are offered a lot for this. Sources used:,

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