EntertainmentMusicMarco Antonio Solís presents "Bohemia in pandemic"

Marco Antonio Solís presents "Bohemia in pandemic"

The legendary Interpreter made a broadcast on May 9 to celebrate #BohemiaEnPandemia. In addition, after 25 years apart, ‘Los Bukis’, the group of which the artist was part and with whom he sang one of his hymns, rejoined.

On Sunday, May 9, the Mexican singer-songwriter Marco Antonio Solís filled thousands of homes around the world with music with a virtual event titled #BohemiaEnPandemia. The transmission of this concert was carried out through the Cinépolis Klic platform where fans from all over the world could enjoy not only the concert, but also cuts with reflections of the Michoacan idol.

In addition to delighting his audience, ‘El Buki’ emphasized the strength that human beings have shown throughout the pandemic, that with their great spirit and faith , always united, they move forward regardless of the tragedy or crisis that comes their way. Thousands of comments flooded social networks during the presentation, demonstrating the love that the audience has for the interpreter and the emotion they felt when they were able to enjoy his talent through their screens.

With songs different from those that you can normally enjoy a face-to-face concert, Marco Antonio Solís, achieved a bohemian style where he captivated his audience in something intimate, romantic and emotional.

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With shots of Buki in different moments of his career for the reflections that were presented and others in his native Michoacán where he praised the customs and traditions of the region, the Mexican idol complemented the concert.

Under the direction of Alejandro Reider, and the production of Héctor Kron and Joaquín Vodanovich, #BohemiaEnPandemia was filmed in Morelia, Michoacán in mid-March under the strictest protocols of care due to the COVID 19 pandemic. El Buki has placed great emphasis on the care that people should have against this disease in all their social networks since March of last year, and the recording of this production was no exception to have all the care.

To close this incredible celebration for all the mothers of the world with a flourish, after 25 years apart, Los Bukis once again played the song that would be their anthem: “Tu Cárcel”.

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The band formed in 1973 and dissolved in 1996, which fell in love with its 16 studio albums and became a benchmark of grupera music in Mexico and the world, again saw each other face to face and with huge smiles they sang that huge and historic song . With an infinite amount of awards in his glory years

Uniformed in wine-colored jackets and converse tennis shoes, Joel Solís, Javier Solís, Roberto Guadarrama, Eusebio Cortéz, Marco Antonio Solís and Pedro Sánchez, with the name in stones of each one on the lapel, this group that is an icon of music Mexican twentieth century, met at Marco Musical’s studio in Mexico City and recorded this song. It was in this same studio that many of his hits were written and produced years ago.

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Since that May 18, 1996 at the Río Nilo room in Guadalajara where they played together for the last time, these six elements had never been put together again. Summoned by Marco Antonio Solís after the many reflections that came to his mind during the pandemic, 25 years later this group that lives in the minds and hearts of millions and millions reappears to delight with an intervention in #BohemiaEnPandemia.

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