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Margarita del Val predicts when the sixth wave of Covid-19 will occur

Vaccination against the coronavirus in Spain has already reached the initial objective: to immunize the adult population with the full schedule. To date, more than 35 million people have received the complete guideline, which is equivalent in relative terms to 73.9% of the population. However, as experts warn, the pandemic will not be eradicated until everyone is vaccinated, so that spikes of infections will continue to occur. M argarita del Val has called for calm and prudence because the sixth wave of Covid-19 could arrive in early autumn .

As he explained in the program ‘Al Rojo Vivo’ on La Sexta, the waves will continue to occur, especially in the coming weeks, when temperatures will drop and we will make more life indoors . As an example, what happened last year: when the fall came, the cases rose rapidly. The same thing happened with the influenza A pandemic.

Since the scientific community verified that the majority of Covid-19 infections are produced by aerosols , experts have tried to educate the public to take extreme care indoors. The use of the mask is key since it is, together with the vaccine, the main prevention tool against the coronavirus that exists today. Of course, you have to pay close attention to ventilation indoors.

The chance of being infected outdoors is at least 20 times less outdoors than indoors . Therefore, even if it is cold, outdoor activities should be promoted as much as possible.

What will the sixth wave of Covid-19 be like according to Margarita del Val?

Thanks to the vaccination, the CSIC virologist believes that the sixth wave will have a very low mortality . In addition, there will be thousands of asymptomatic cases. The scientist encourages those who have not been vaccinated to do so as soon as possible, especially the older ones.

Margarita del Val has also highlighted the good rate of vaccination in Spain , and above all that the population groups most at risk have had preference, something that has not happened in other countries.

However, he believes that for now you cannot aspire to group immunity because current vaccines protect against severe disease, but not against infection.

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