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Marianne and Michael: Doctors want to get hit star Michael Hartl out of a coma

Update after the stroke drama about the hit couple “Marianne and Michael”. Now the doctors want to get Michael Hartl out of the coma.

Update on March 14th, 2022 : Jan Mewes, the manager of “Marianne & Michael”, is finally giving the hit fans a first update on the health of Michael Hartl (72), Marianne Hartl’s (69) husband.

According to manager Jan Mewes he should be woken up soon . “He remains stable and in an induced coma. At the moment everything is as planned by the doctors. In the next few days they want to get him out of the coma, but first the body should regenerate in peace,” Mewes said in a statement to

Pop singer Marianne Hartl is grateful to the many pop fans for their recovery wishes

Pop singer Marianne Hartl is very grateful to the many pop fans for their recovery wishes: “An incredible number of friends write us many and beautiful recovery wishes and I am very positive that it will be good. Thank you very much for your sympathy.” It is still completely unclear how Michael will be if the doctors should wake him up from the coma. “I can’t say anything at the moment. It’s a path we’re going to take, but I have a very good feeling,” said the 69-year-old, who has been married to Michael since 1979.

First report: Michael Hartl suffers a stroke

Original message: A message that shook the hit industry too deeply – singer Michael Hartl (72) suffered a stroke in the early morning of March 10th (more hit news on our topic page). His wife Marianne called the emergency doctor directly because of her husband’s breathing problems – a few hours after the incident, the 69-year-old talks about the tragic moment, as reported by

Michael and Marianne Hartl German moderator and singing duo
Born Michael March 18, 1949 (age 72 years) in Koeflach, Austria and Marianne February 7, 1953 in Munich-Giesing
To be married September 9, 2016
success title Take it easy, take me, our country, today I’ll cuddle with you

Diagnosis of a stroke – Michael Hartl undergoes emergency surgery

Because her husband was having trouble breathing in the early hours of the morning, Marianne didn’t hesitate and called the emergency doctor straight away. Arrived at the hospital, the doctors diagnosed a stroke. A moment of horror for his wife, which she will not soon forget.

After the life-threatening diagnosis, the 72-year-old is being prepared for an emergency operation. Moments of trepidation follow – then the redeeming message: Michael Hartl’s condition is stable.

Marianne Hartl


Marianne and Michael Hartl together at the Viktualienmarkt before an interview.

Danger to life for Marianne and Michael: pop star suffers a stroke

The operation went well, but a stroke is not something to be trifled with – the successful Schlager duo had to experience that firsthand. Because the 72-year-old is currently being treated around the clock in the intensive care unit and is still in an artificial coma. But his loved one doesn’t want to let that get him down.

Compared to the picture, she gives hope to her common fans: “Michael is strong and a fighter, he will make it and get well soon.” A message that will certainly give hope to many.

Michael Hartl helped Ukrainian refugees a few days before his stroke

At the beginning of the week, Michael Hartl was not yet in pain – he selflessly organized a transport of aid to Ukraine to help refugees in need. The wagon was supposed to be loaded on March 10th, but then everything turned out differently.

Because the 72-year-old’s wish to drive the van himself to the Ukrainian border fell through. “Michael has exhausted himself completely in the last few days preparing for the transport. He really wanted to help. Now it’s him who needs help,” Marianne told Bild.

Marianne Hartl also recently had an emergency operation

Michael’s stroke – not the first stroke of fate in the Hartl family. Because the 69-year-old had to undergo an emergency operation almost three weeks ago. While out for a walk, Marianne fell and suffered a fracture in her right shoulder. Her husband took care of the tough pop singer during that time. At the beginning of February, Marianne announced that she was slowly recovering from her shoulder injury. Now the next shock…

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