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Marisa Gallo shows her latest creation inspired by 'Queen' at Casa Decor 2019

With a solid trajectory in the universe of interior design, Marisa Gallo returns to Casa Decor with this exciting project: a bedroom that exudes elegance and comfort and that perfectly integrates the latest technologies and innovations in the field of home automation. the one that is located “Master Queen” consists of 25 m2, so this project is a demonstration of how sometimes it is not necessary so many square meters to turn a space into a cozy and functional atmosphere that allows us to disconnect from the frenetic pace of life. city, including the most advanced technology from the hand of Hager, a specialist in technological solutions applied to construction. In the words of Marisa Gallo: “The challenge was to create a complete residential space including, in addition to its own rest area, a dressing room and a bath-spa area in a small frame ”. Thus, the “Master Queen” project, whose main concept is to show a space that can be transferred to any hotel suite or private home, promises to surprise Casa Decor visitors with its impeccable execution. enhance an aesthetic based on neutral colors in which whitish tones predominate in contrast to black and in full harmony to also integrate different tones between aubergine, dark purple and dusty pink, whose presence is given by the global inspiration of the project based on the very personal aesthetic of the legendary British band Queen.A selection of classic noble materials, which combine perfectly with current elements such as porcelain wall tiles, together with a set of fine silk and wool textures for textile accessories, complete this proposal with a cosmopolitan atmosphere. For its part, lighting plays an especially important role since, through it, unique environments are created depending on the type of scene that is required at each moment is chosen. Graduated in interior design and architecture from IADE, Marisa Gallo accumulates more than two decades of experience giving free rein to his passion through the design, conceptualization and execution of interior design projects with soul. Her personal stamp is characterized by being synonymous with timeless elegance and classicism. Along with her, a team of designers is in charge of carrying out all kinds of interior design projects, although with greater specialization in residential and commercial spaces, both in Spain and in Spain. Latin America. From Interiorisimo, which is what his studio is called, a comprehensive service is offered, from the first idea to the final delivery. Permanent contact with the client is a fundamental practice added to personalized attention, exhaustive attention to detail and dialogue with the client is constant from beginning to end of the project. “Master Queen” can be visited within the framework of Casa Decor 2019 from January 24 to March 10 at its headquarters in Calle Núñez de Balboa, 86.