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Markus Lanz asks the question about war: "What does that do to the people?"

Created: 10/13/2022 4:47 am

Talkrunde bei Markus Lanz im ZDF am 11. Oktober.
Talk round with Markus Lanz on ZDF on October 11th. © Screenshot ZDF

A ZDF talk by Markus Lanz on the situation in Ukraine and the state of the German economy and state finances. The TV review.

Hamburg – Between the Ukraine war, the gas price cap in Germany and the election in Lower Saxony, even a restless Markus Lanz doesn’t quite find the transitions. Sometimes it wouldn’t be so tiring to focus on just one topic, even in the face of a thousand little purgatory blazing everywhere.

Katrin Eigendorf (ZDF reporter) reports live from Kyiv on the Ukraine war on Markus Lanz (ZDF). Carsten Linnemann (deputy CDU party leader) and Julia Löhr (FAZ business editor) look at the political situation around it – worldwide, as well as in Germany – while Isabella M. Weber (economist and initiator of the term “gas price cap” as early as December 2021) also considers the economic consequences of historical situations.

“And what happens then” when old certainties no longer apply?

Markus Lanz: Russia’s perfidious plans

Changes can be clearly felt both in the economy and in lifestyle. Human conditions can always change quickly and are fragile. The long-awaited normality in Kyiv was again disrupted by airstrikes and rockets hit “right in the heart” again – and in the withdrawal point of Ukraine, which was considered to be reasonably safe just a few days ago. “What does that do to people?” asks Markus Lanz. Panic feelings where a familiar or secure existence is no longer possible?

President Selenskyj spoke of the Russian plan to “deliberately paralyze the infrastructure,” adds Markus Lanz. The moderator finds this “perfidious” with a view to the approaching winter. Wicked suits Vladimir Putin, but for Katrin Eigendorf the strong will of the Ukrainian population can be felt right there: “We will continue. We won’t let ourselves be intimidated.” Ukraine is stubbornly rebuilding itself, which the Russian side willfully destroys, simply because they don’t want their neighbors to have a free and good life.

Well-known with Markus Lanz on ZDF

A completely “new stage of development” can be felt there. And Katrin Eigendorf sees changes in the behavior of Markus Lanz (ZDF), both President Selenskyj and Vladimir Putin. In the former there is now hardly any “willingness to negotiate”. And where Vladimir Putin once wanted to “free the Ukrainians from their fascist government”, his choice of words has also adapted: Russia itself is now under threat. So he tries to cheer on his own population. The attack on the Crimean bridge has “angered and incensed the nationalists in Russia” because it has shown them that Russia “is not as strong as it is made out to be.” So diversionary tactics are needed. Vladimir Putin is also unwilling to “make concessions” in order to find a “common solution”. Maybe also because the Russian government doesn’t want to see anything in common with the so-called West?

Markus Lanz on ZDF The guests of the broadcast of October 11th
Katrin Eigendorf journalist
Carsten Linneman politician (CDU)
Julia Loehr journalist
Isabella M Weber economist

Even China and India are now letting it be known that they “do not agree with this war,” says Markus Lanz. “How does that change the situation?” “This war will continue to determine world politics for a very long time,” explains Julia Löhr. She doesn’t see how this can be resolved this year. Carsten Linnemann gets “icy cold down his spine” when he hears the question in the room: “Third World War?” He could never have imagined “that we would be confronted with something like this again.” Where is your own position there? He defines his very clearly: “Show strength”: “This is a dictator: He will continue.” Thus, existential freedom, but/and also a form of security must be defended and repeatedly restructured, adapted and maintained. (Tina Waldeck)

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