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Markus Lanz on ZDF: Boris Palmer makes radical demands

Created: 09/07/2022, 09:08 am

Boris Palmer bei Markus Lanz.
Boris Palmer praises Economics Minister Robert Habeck on Markus Lanz on ZDF. © Screenshot ZDF

Markus Lanz on ZDF is about “game changers” in the energy crisis. The Green Boris Palmer calls for the entire electricity price mechanism to be “overridden”.

Hamburg – How do you want to prevent a blackout? Scenarios that are unlikely to occur – but what if? If the government will soon send an official to check how long he takes a shower, Markus Lanz wonders, because he also senses in the morning: Winter is clearly approaching and it gets colder again at night. And electricity prices are skyrocketing. “The electricity market is really complicated,” explains Ranga Yogeshwar. The last few years in Germany, the offers were more than “super cheap”. “A long-term sin we committed” to get hooked on Russian gas like that. Now Germany is feeling the consequences of decisions that were made wrong years ago, the group at Markus Lanz agrees.

There is again reference to supply and demand: This is pure capitalism. “Why does energy have to be a market?” This may be understandable when it comes to apples and sweaters: I don’t buy what I don’t want or need. But there is no free choice when it comes to the things necessary for survival, because everyone needs warmth. “The whole debate shows how dependent we actually are,” says Ranga Yogeshwar matter-of-factly. Everyone is networked here, whether they like it or not: “The electricity over Europe” is completely connected.

Boris Palmer at Markus Lanz (ZDF): Stadtwerke earn themselves “stupid and dopey”

Boris Palmer thinks that Markus Lanz (ZDF) made the decision “that Robert Habeck made wisely”, that which was enshrined in the law, namely “to ban the operation of a nuclear power plant after December 31”, is now over to be postponed until April 2023. There is a legal requirement for this. But he doesn’t see it as a “game changer”, only as a small delay.

A solar system costs the same today as it did a year ago, “because the sun hasn’t become any more expensive,” he continues. However, the electricity generated can now be sold for ten times the price on the stock exchange. “The most expensive power plant that is still needed determines the price,” says Boris Palmer at Markus Lanz (ZDF). As long as even one remains running, the price will not change in the long term, he is sure of that. The Tübinger Stadtwerke make money from the crisis “stupidly and stupidly” – and they are not the only ones. “These are pure chance wins,” says Boris Palmer himself.

The guests at Markus Lanz (ZDF) on September 6, 2022
Rodericht Kieswetter politician (CDU)
Boris Palmer Politician (The Greens)
Ranga Yogeshwar science journalist
Alice Bota Journalist (Die Zeit) and author

Markus Lanz on ZDF: Boris Palmer calls for electricity price reform

It’s no different with coal either: gigantic profits are generated that “on the other hand drive industrial companies to ruin.” The CDU politician Roderich Kiesewetter sees things differently, because “nuclear power plants heat for ten million people”, so it is also “European solidarity” if the three nuclear power plants in Germany simply continue to run. But Alice Bota warns that at the end of the few months – unintentionally by the Greens – could also be a few more years of nuclear power. However, one must always be careful with the Greens that “the topic is not drowned in ideology”. (Tina Waldeck)

Last week, Markus Lanz discussed Corona policy with Karl Lauterbach on ZDF. The moderator accused the Minister of Health of “education through fear”.

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