FunAstrologyMarkus Lanz (ZDF): Vladimir Putin will not accept defeat

Markus Lanz (ZDF): Vladimir Putin will not accept defeat

Created: 07.10.2022, 08:38 am

Markus Lanz und seine Gäste diskutieren über die Folgen des Ukraine-Krieges
Markus Lanz (ZDF) © Markus Hertrich/dpa

In the case of Markus Lanz, experts are concerned about the future of the country in view of the Ukraine war. For some it will be “really expensive” and “really tight”.

Hamburg – At Markus Lanz (ZDF), Peer Steinbrück (SPD Federal Minister of Finance from 2005 to 2009), together with Sarah Pagung (Russia expert at the German Society for Foreign Policy) and Michael Bröcker (editor-in-chief of “Media Pioneer”), waver between positive and negative prospects for the German development situation.

Markus Lanz: Crises as productive upheavals?

With Markus Lanz, Peer Steinbrück looks back on the financial crisis of 2009, which was triggered in 2008 by investment speculation by banks in the USA. German economic growth fell sharply for the first time since World War II. Many lost their jobs and “financial experts” advised the German population to withdraw their money from the banks and stock up on groceries as a precaution. Where others stirred up panic in what was already perceived as a “unique” crisis situation, Angela Merkel’s government conveyed unity and security. At the time, the government announced unanimously that savings in German banks were safe.

Markus Lanz: Steinbrück sees incumbents “highly stressed”

The 75-year-old can thus draw a positive conclusion from his work, because: In this crisis there were no obvious party disputes and disagreements in the grand coalition at the time, as there are now. Nevertheless, he shows understanding for the traffic light government, because in situations that have not yet been experienced in this way by the people in power to act, mistakes also happen. Currently it is perhaps even the biggest crisis since reunification and the incumbents are “extremely stressed.” In between, he finds the calm of Chancellor Olaf Scholz a relief. He is happy “if there is no hothead, no cowboy, no man in the Federal Chancellery who is particularly ostentatious and no one who goes it alone nationally,” explains Peer Steinbrück at Markus Lanz.

Markus Lanz: Democratic cohesion as a goal

Nevertheless, he is critical of Olaf Scholz’s term “turning point” and would rather speak of a “breaking point”: In a phase of upheaval in which Vladimir Putin is trying to redefine the boundaries of democracy. The government must explain more clearly what the “turning point” is supposed to bring and that “we citizens also have to make our contribution,” Peer Steinbrück explained to Markus Lanz. Is democratic freedom worth so much to us that “we are slowly waking up from a long-term comfort”? Of course, the state is there to support people who are in existential need through no fault of their own, but a state can also challenge the population with questions of social justice.

Markus Lanz: Putin will not accept defeat

Peer Steinbrück sees Vladimir Putin’s attempts at blackmail in many places, which must be resisted: that is the current task of democratic civil society. Even if it makes the German system more fragile. Where Russian willingness to negotiate is virtually non-existent, Vladimir Putin will under no circumstances accept defeat. The ex-finance minister does not want to conjure up a situation with Markus Lanz “where the man in his escalation crawls even higher into the tree than he already does because he no longer sees any possibility of returning to the real basis of the situation.”

Markus Lanz: For some it will be really expensive and really tight

The fragility of the situation will continue to depend heavily on the decisions of the individual parties, Sarah Pagung agrees with Markus Lanz, even if she does not rule out a victory for Ukraine: “Russia cannot conquer, cannot hold, cannot control.” Just escalate, one might add, and the question remains whether it will also escalate in Germany. Michael Bröcker also sees the parallels to 2009: Germany will “get into a situation where there will be dramatic losers.” For some it will be “really expensive” and “really tight”. It’s important that the government doesn’t make any promises it can’t keep, so as not to further stir up dissatisfaction among the population. “It gets much worse before it gets better again.” And that it can get better again is shown (hopefully) by history. (Tina Waldeck)

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